HELP: Urge Your Assemblymember to Pass the Buy Clean California Act

By Newsroom America Feeds at 26 May 2017

Dear Eric,

The Buy Clean Act, Assembly Bill 262, is coming to the Assembly floor for a vote and it needs your help.

This landmark bill requires the State of California to use its purchasing power to cut climate pollution when it spends taxpayer dollars to buy certain construction materials.

Urge your Assemblymember to vote for AB 262 when it comes to the Assembly floor this coming week. Call Hon. Eggman at (916) 319-2013

The state of California spends an average of more than $10 billion a year on infrastructure construction and repair each year.

Those construction projects use massive amounts of steel and other heavy construction materials. The amount of climate pollution created by producing those materials varies, depending on how much manufacturers have invested in cleaning up their pollution.

In California, a history of strong regulation means manufacturers producing here have had to invest in equipment and production processes that will reduce their climate pollution.

Call your Assemblymember now and urge a YES vote on AB 262, The Buy Clean California Act.

Call Hon. Eggman at (916) 319-2013

If passed, Assembly Bill 262 (, would be a first-of-its-kind law in the country. It will encourage the state to spend public dollars on construction materials in a way that acknowledges cleaner manufacturers and motivates dirty manufacturers to clean up their production-no matter where the manufacturers are located.

The Buy Clean California Act has broad support from labor, environmental, environmental justice, and manufacturing groups. But it also faces some opposition.

Your Assemblymember needs to hear from you today to make sure the bill passes in the Assembly. Call now and be sure to leave a message if you get through to an answering machine. Every call counts!

Thanks for your help on this landmark bill. Sincerely,

Kathryn Phillips Director


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