This is not a joke.

By Newsroom America Feeds at 24 May 2017

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Devastating budget cuts confirmed. Don't let our future look like this:

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Dear Robert,

Last week, the details of Trump's 2018 budget were leaked. Yesterday, he confirmed every devastating cut:

- EPA: Slashed by a third. - National Parks Service: Cut by 84%. - Funding for Chesapeake Bay and Great Lakes protection: Gone. - Clean air and climate change programs: Cut by half. - Radon, lead and pollution prevention, beach protection: Zeroed out.

To Trump, this is a joke. He'll stop at nothing to give a handout to Big Oil or cut his own taxes.

I'm here to say it: this is not a joke. Children will die from lead poisoning and asthma attacks; coastal economies in the Great Lakes and elsewhere will suffer spills and beach closings; wildlife will disappear forever due to deforestation and climate change.

Robert, we need to fight this budget with every tool at our disposal: with phone, email and social media campaigns, showing up in congressional offices and rallying in the streets. And to do it all, we're launching an EMERGENCY CAMPAIGN NOW -- 1,000 new monthly donors by FRIDAY. Can we count on you to be one of them? Make your emergency monthly gift to the Sierra Club right now -- your donation will help us stop Trump from endangering precious wildlife, vulnerable coastlines, and children's health. To help inspire you, we'll send you our "Make America Green Again" bumper sticker -- FREE.

This budget -- while stupefying -- is hardly surprising. Trump blazed into Washington pledging to eliminate the EPA, cancel the Paris Climate Accords and prop up the coal mining industry.

Now he's making good on his promises to the Kochs and his other Big Oil, Coal, and Ag cronies -- absolutely eviscerating climate research, sustainable agriculture, popular conservation programs and more. It's up to us to stop him.

Robert, we need environmental champions in Congress to stop this horrifying proposal in its tracks -- and we simply can't do it without your urgent help now.Please, help the Sierra Club fight back with your donation now. Help us fight this ill-conceived and irresponsible budget with your emergency monthly donation to the Sierra Club now.

Thank you for standing with the Sierra Club to stop Trump from stripping the planet and its people of lifesaving protections. I'm grateful to have supporters like you with us for the fight ahead.

With determination,

Michael Brune

Executive Director

Sierra Club

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