Capitol Voice May 2017

By Newsroom America Feeds at 14 May 2017

Smart Conservation Package Will Save Water

By Kyle Jones

Some water agencies in California just can't give up on their lawns.

Despite the public stepping up and providing tremendous water savings during the drought, there is staunch water agency opposition to moving forward with continuing efforts to make water conservation a way of life.

Water conservation is the best way for California to get new sources of supply. For every drop we save at home or in our yards, another drop stays in the environment, and less is spent on our water bills.

Water conservation measures reduce the demand used to justify devastating new dams and desalination plants.

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Energy Storage Policy: An Essential Next Step

By Edward Moreno

The massive methane gas leak at the Aliso Canyon Storage Facility last year shed light on the risks associated with gas storage and reliability issues that come along with such a disaster.

While a moratorium remains in effect at Aliso Canyon, concerns about the region's ability to provide stable and reliable power...

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Sierra Club California Summit: Update on Resistance

Open your calendar and save this date: Saturday, November 11, 2017.

That's when Sierra Club California will hold a day-long event to bring Club activists in California, including new members, together to share experiences and learn new skills to protect the environment and keep building the movement to advance important environmental and environmental justice policies.

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