VICTORY: How we beat Big Oil, Trump, and Congress

By Newsroom America Feeds at 11 May 2017

Yesterday we won a huge victory in the Senate protecting our air and public lands. But Trump and EPA are still coming after basic protections for healthy air, water and climate. Submit your comment now!

Dear Eric,

Yesterday we beat back a direct assault on our air quality and climate when a vote in Congress failed 49 - 51 to roll back a rule governing methane releases from drilling on public lands.

Sierra Club members and supporters like you sent in over 67,000 emails to the Senate and over 3,000 phone calls. This victory would not have happened without your support.

Now it's time to do it again. Trump and the EPA are coming after these same kinds of basic, common sense protections for our air, water, health, public lands, and climate. But you can stop it.

Take the next step: submit your official comment in to the EPA telling them why you want to protect our health and not roll back any of the life-saving protections we have fought for.

Trump's and EPA's efforts of so-called "regulatory reform" (in actuality giant corporate giveaways to big polluters) are backfiring.

Already the comments they have received -- over 25,000 from Sierra Club members and supporters alone -- overwhelmingly support keeping basic protections in place. But we're missing one key voice: yours.

And with the public comment period ending on the 15th, time is running out to make your voice heard.

Add your voice to theirs -- submit your comment now!

Submitting a comment couldn't be easier. We've already outlined some basic talking points and listed many of the top regulations polluters are targeting for repeal. While submitting any comment will help, if you take the time to customize your comment, EPA will hold it in even higher regard.

Do you or a member of your family have asthma or another breathing problem where increased air pollution would impact you? Tell your story.Do you live downstream from a coal mine or coal ash ponds and worry about water quality because of it? Tell your story.Are you concerned about hazy skies when you visit our amazing national parks? Tell your story.Would climate change negatively impact any portion of your life? Tell your story.

Our individual stories have power. Sharing yours will make EPA take note. Submit your comment here and make sure you customize it.

Thanks for everything you do to protect the climate, our health, and clean air,

Matthew Gravatt Associate Legislative Director Sierra Club

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