They want uranium mining in Grand Canyon watershed - we'll MATCH your gift to stop them

By Newsroom America Feeds at 9 May 2017

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Think they'll leave the Grand Canyon watershed alone? Think again.

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Dear Peter,

If there's ONE natural American monument you'd think Donald Trump would leave alone, it's Grand Canyon-Parashant.

Wrong again. On Friday, Trump's Interior Department added Grand Canyon-Parashant to the list of natural treasures "under review" and subject to declassification as national monuments.

Why? Because they want to open it up to radioactive uranium mining and other destructive activities.

This move is nothing short of horrific, Peter. Removing critical protections for this region would open the watershed to toxic uranium mining, putting water sources, wildlife, and tribal communities at risk of radiation contamination.

We've got to stop Trump, save the Grand Canyon region from harmful uranium mining, and protect all our monuments from these attempts to undermine the Antiquities Act. We'll mobilize our grassroots and put pressure on Congress to protect our precious lands -- but we can't do it without your help. Please, help us meet our goal of 500 new monthly donors by Thursday with your emergency contribution now. A generous donor will chip in $50 for every new signup. Donate monthly to save Grand Canyon-Parashant and other monuments from Trump and the mining industry with your emergency monthly gift NOW -- before this American treasure is decimated beyond recovery. Your gift MATCHED with $50. We'll send you our "Make America Green Again" bumper sticker -- FREE.

The President's targeting of this region proves there's no depth to which Trump will not sink to win favor with the mining industry.

The Sierra Club knows how to beat back these attacks by the mining industry -- remember, we're the group that helped retire more than 250 coal-fired plants in less than seven years -- but we need your help right now to do it. Please, help us save Grand Canyon-Parashant from Trump and his mining industry cronies with your emergency monthly gift now. Rush your emergency monthly gift of $5 or more to the Sierra Club now. We can't save Grand Canyon-Parashant from Trump and the uranium mining industry without your help.

With your help, we will set our legal teams into motion, target key decision-makers and mobilize our 2.7 million champions to save this spectacular place before it's gone forever. Please rush your gift now.

With determination,

Michael Brune

Executive Director

Sierra Club

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Photo credit: Kristen Caldon


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