Tell Florida Legislators: Oppose the Fracking Bill!

By Newsroom America Feeds at 27 Apr 2017

Dear Deanne,

Powerful utility companies want to invest in fracking, while sticking YOU with the bill!

If Senate Bill 1238 becomes law you could be paying more for your electricity!

This bill is an attempt by utilities to overturn the Florida Supreme Court’s decision to stop Florida Power & Light (FPL) from charging its ratepayers for the costs of exploring and fracking for gas.

Florida utilities want you to pay for the costs of fracking. Tell your state senator and representative to VOTE NO on Senate Bill 1238.

The Florida Supreme Court found, “…the exploration, drilling, and production of fuel falls outside the purview of an electric utility as defined by the Legislature.”

Instead of following the law, powerful utilities are pressuring our legislators to pass SB1238. This bill would allow the Public Service Commission to give utilities like FPL the ability to make YOU pay their costs for fracking, while guaranteeing a profit.

Shareholders would be completely protected from risk while YOU, the customer, would be forced to pay for both the cost of investing in fracking AND the profits for the utilities! Urge your Senator and Representative to VOTE NO on SB1238 -- don’t let powerful utilities raise rates on us in order to invest in environmentally-damaging fracking!


Frank Jackalone, Florida Chapter Director Sierra Club


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