Time running out: Earth Day Match + FREE Bumper Sticker

By Newsroom America Feeds at 21 Apr 2017

Take Action with the Sierra Club

EARTH DAY CAMPAIGN: $28,039 donations needed. 1 day to go. http://click.emails.sierraclub.org/?qs=48bde675771e744efe9a36a71d8d38aafde9c4526ee635c5379adc80f4126ccad63eae641688166fccab2a4ea6b3265c415dd829fb7a7e529f86d6523039c7cc Donate monthly and a generous donor will chip in a $25 match! ===== CAMPAIGN REPORT ===== Goal:800 Monthly Donors Deadline:Earth Day, April 22 Progress so far:231 ===== SUPPORTER STATUS ===== Name: Peter Fowler Earth Day Match: http://click.emails.sierraclub.org/?qs=48bde675771e744efe9a36a71d8d38aafde9c4526ee635c5379adc80f4126ccad63eae641688166fccab2a4ea6b3265c415dd829fb7a7e529f86d6523039c7cc Eligible Monthly Donor Status: http://click.emails.sierraclub.org/?qs=48bde675771e744efe9a36a71d8d38aafde9c4526ee635c5379adc80f4126ccad63eae641688166fccab2a4ea6b3265c415dd829fb7a7e529f86d6523039c7cc Pending

http://click.emails.sierraclub.org/?qs=48bde675771e744efe9a36a71d8d38aafde9c4526ee635c5379adc80f4126ccad63eae641688166fccab2a4ea6b3265c415dd829fb7a7e529f86d6523039c7cc DONATE MONTHLY


Peter -

Tomorrow is Earth Day -- and right now we're facing the biggest threat the Earth has seen in years. Here's what's on the line thanks to Big Oil's allies in Congress and the Trump administration:

- Keystone XL, Dakota Access and other massive new pipelines - rammed through by Trump and his cronies - Devastating drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge - Brazen attacks on bedrock environmental protections for streams, rivers, and lakes - Threats to reverse every single step of progress fighting climate change under President Obama - Bear cubs and wolf pups -- legally hunted under a new wildlife bill

And if you give today, we'll send your exclusive Make America Green Again Bumper Sticker -- FREE:


http://click.emails.sierraclub.org/?qs=48bde675771e744efe9a36a71d8d38aafde9c4526ee635c5379adc80f4126ccad63eae641688166fccab2a4ea6b3265c415dd829fb7a7e529f86d6523039c7cc Don't miss your chance to stand up for the environment -- and to have your first monthly donation matched with $25. But you've got to donate by midnight tomorrow.


Michael Brune

Executive Director

Sierra Club

P.S. You can also join the 900 people that are hiking in every state (and DC) and raising funds with Team Sierra tomorrow! http://click.emails.sierraclub.org/?qs=48bde675771e744e1286dda5e0229acd010b9b1fc7550d700cb7d16099a3234259e0469d1fd1bbc5485b78baab6a8e59372e7f7b5c0a270f Sign up now.


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