Stand with San Diego.

By Newsroom America Feeds at 17 Mar 2017 Dear Lynne,

I know one thing is clear to a dedicated environmental defender like you:

When it comes to fighting for our environment, we have to act at the state level - especially against the enormous threat Trump poses. And we need your help now.

Many Sierra Club members here in San Diego have shared their feelings, priorities, and concerns with me about these substantial threats to our environment. Based on these priorities, our team has developed a plan to combat Trump:

- Fight for clean water: Watchdog our coastal, pollution and water control agencies to help keep our watersheds, beaches and bays clean, conserve water and stop excessive coastal development. - Defend our nature: Fight project-by-project battles to stop destruction of vital habitats in parks, canyons, creeks, and wetlands - to some, nothing is sacred. - Protect our air: Promote bike ways and walkable communities, increased public transportation choices and stopping the business-as-usual approach of widening freeways. But we need your help. Your entire donation will go towards fighting, locally, for San Diego.

Thank you for your support.

. Yours in resistance,

Ruben Arizmendi Chapter Chair


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