Capitol Voice Bulletin Mar 2017

By Newsroom America Feeds at 15 Mar 2017

The March to Raise EV Fees Comes to California

By Kathryn Phillips

Negotiations on legislation to raise money to fix California's transportation system -- from its crumbling roads and pot-holed highways to its transit systems -- have taken an odd turn for electric vehicles (EV).

On the table is a proposal that has lately been promoted in other states by oil companies and the organizations they fund: charging annual fees to drive battery electric vehicles.

As a number of outlets have reported, including Car & Driver (, the New York Times (, and a blog by Sierra Club's own EV policy expert Gina Coplon-Newfield (, about 10 states have adopted annual EV fees. This year at least half a dozen others are considering EV fees.

And now there's California.

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By Kyle Jones

Two years ago, the California Supreme Court rendered a decision that has been a gift to developers of giant, unpopular projects and allowed them to slip through another loophole in the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

Now a legislator has come forward with legislation to tighten that loophole back up and give the public and the environment more consideration. The bill, Assembly Bill 890, authored by Assemblymember Jose Medina, would restore the requirement that big projects do environmental reviews.

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By Eddie Moreno

California's legislature is preparing to consider making a temporary good idea a permanent fix to encourage broader rooftop solar adoption.

In 2013, Senator Mark Leno, with the aid of some of our expert Sierra Club members, including Kurt Newick, took on the issue of unchecked permitting fees associated with the installation of rooftop solar systems with Senate Bill 1222.

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Create a Conservation Conversation

By Meg Gunderson

Who doesn't enjoy a robust conversation with friends? Especially if it involves some food and beverages in a comfy living room or on a shaded patio.

And if the conversation revolved around the latest successes to protect California's air, water, land and wildlife, you would feel energized by the end of the evening.

You can have an evening like this by helping organize house parties for Sierra Club California.

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