This is what Trump wants to take us back to.

By Newsroom America Feeds at 9 Mar 2017

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EPA cuts = more pollution, sickness and death:

GOAL to stop Trump's EPA: Become one of 800 new monthly donors we need by MIDNIGHT tomorrow.

Dear Deanne -

BREAKING: Trump has proposed slashing the EPA budget by a quarter, cuts that are "far more severe than anyone imagined" (via Politico).

He's taking us back to an era when polluters ruled -- and the rest of us suffered. Citieswere blanketed in smog, mercury was dumped into rivers, lead and asbestos pollution abounded, and carbon pollution from coal and oil was uncontrolled.

We must stop Trump's perversion of the EPA.

THIS IS URGENT: Become a monthly donor now to help us take Trump and his cronies to court. Force the EPA to do its job. Launch a massive grassroots campaign to stop poisonous plans. Become a monthly donor by midnight Friday and support our EPA CRISIS fund so that we can stop this polluting agenda, and defend the EPA. We need 800 more monthly donors to reach our goal.

Since the EPA was created, it has saved hundreds of thousands of lives -- by cracking down on polluters, cleaning up our air and water, and improving public health throughout America. And it will save hundreds of thousands more lives -- unless Trump gets his way.

Slash EPA funding? Roll back protections of clean air and clean water? You don't have to imagine what'll happen -- we remember. Smog blanketing cities. Rivers too toxic to swim. Chemical rain killing forests.

Trump's cut run deep: Funding for lead cleanup, cut 30 percent. Helping native tribes battle pollution, cut 30 percent. Cleaning up industrial brownfield sites, cut by 42 percent.

We must stop him.

Millions must speak out, make calls, jam Congressional phone lines and show up at town halls. Wage a grassroots campaign like never before. Protest before Congress and pressure them to stand up for our health and our environment. And sue his administration to follow our environmental laws.

But we have less than 48 hours to recruit the 800 more monthly donors we need to strengthen our efforts. Become a monthly donor to help us meet our goal: Support the Sierra Club's EPA CRISIS fund to help defend our environment.

Just $5 a month. That's all it takes to make a real impact. Our health, our children's well-being, our environment, it all depends on how strongly we fight right now.

Please -- take 1 minute right now and help us stop the worst of what's coming.


Michael Brune

Executive Director

Sierra Club

P.S. You can make a bigger impact with your everyday activities when you join Team Sierra. Learn more at .

Photo credit: Gary Miller / National Archives


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