Can Hiking Heal?

By Newsroom America Feeds at 8 Mar 2017

The Sierra Club Insider

Resist Trump's Indifference to Democracy

Donald Trump continues his all-out assault on the laws that protect our clean air and water, our health, and the safety of our communities. Meanwhile, scandals are piling up by the day, raising serious questions about the stability of our democracy. Now more than ever, we must work together to make our voices add up. Take action today!

Winning for Clean Water in Court

In a victory for science and clean water, the Sierra Club helped win two recent court decisions on Appalachian streams harmed by coal-mining pollution. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit affirmed a lower-court decision holding a coal company liable for violating a term of its Clean Water Act permit that prohibited pollution discharges that are harmful to aquatic life. Subsequently, a federal court in West Virginia directed the state and the federal EPA to take action to clean up streams harmed by coal-mining. Sierra Club staff attorney Peter Morgan has more on the decisions.

Wall of Shame

Donald Trump's promise to build a wall along the 1,900-mile U.S.-Mexico border is moving closer to reality, threatening to unleash an environmental, economic, and humanitarian catastrophe. This $20-billion boondoggle defies not only the principles our country was founded on but also our international reputation as a beacon of freedom and decency. And all this in the middle of a storm of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement anti-immigrant raids that are terrorizing millions of immigrants across the country, especially Latinos. "At stake is our country's reputation as a civilized nation," says one immigrant who loves—and fears for—his adopted country.

Photo by Javier Sierra

Stop the Taxpayer Ripoff

Forty percent of the coal mined in the U.S. comes from public lands, and estimates show that the current federal coal-leasing program costs taxpayers millions. Newly confirmed Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke, a friend of the coal industry, will decide the future of coal-leasing on public lands. If the agency fails to continue reforming the federal coal-leasing program, taxpayers will continue to get ripped off and workers and businesses that could benefit from access to our public lands will lose out.

Call Secretary Zinke's office at 1-888-434-0402 or text "UNFAIR" to 69866 and demand that he support reforming the federal coal-leasing program. Let us know you called and how it went.

Naw, Those Pipelines Never Leak...

Enbridge, the company responsible for the biggest inland oil spill ever in the U.S., wants to double the capacity of its Alberta Clipper pipeline, which carries tar sands crude into the U.S. from Canada. The Alberta Clipper crosses the Mississippi River, the Great Lakes' wild rice-growing region, Chippewa National Forest, and three Native American reservations. The State Department says the expansion poses no environmental threat—yeah, right!—but it is nevertheless required to take public comments about the high-risk plan. Tell President Trump and the State Department that this risky project should not go forward, and that tar sands are no longer a stable investment.

Adventurous Backpack Journeys

Leave ordinary life behind and immerse yourself in a vast wilderness offering grand views, challenging terrain, and restful solitude. If you've never backpacked before, you're invited to learn the basics with other newcomers on a beginner trip with our experienced volunteer leaders. Take your pick of more than 75 trips in Alaska, Canada, and the Lower 48. Browse all backpack trips and sign up.

Photo by Roger Grissette

The View Is Made by Walking

Sierra magazine editor-in-chief Jason Mark recently backpacked a two-day, 19-mile portion of the Arizona Trail (AZT) through the Grand Canyon. The AZT stretches 800 miles from Mexico to Utah, but among AZT enthusiasts, this section is considered one of the most spectacular. "On day two, we begin to see the canyon," Mark writes. "As we trace the lip of an escarpment called the Coconino Rim, we keep spotting it—glimpses of something big ahead, peeping through the columns of ponderosa." Read more and find out why Mark savors the journey as much as the destination.

Photo by franckreporter/Getty

The Failure of Factory Farming

Industrial-scale meat production in the form of concentrated animal-feeding operations (CAFOs) has created one of the most destructive Big Agriculture practices in modern times. Sierra magazine sent journalist Adam Skolnick to North Carolina to investigate and report on the industry's impact on the environment and public health. Read Skolnick's dispatch from CAFO country and watch the video.

Seeds of the Future

Across the globe, botanists are working to identify what scientists call "crop wild relatives"—the weedy cousins of our staple foods. The effort is a race against time as climate change threatens food production. Find out how plant scientists are building a genetic ark for a climate-change–adaptable, 21st-century agriculture.

Kim Hummer, a researcher for the USDA, looks for wild strawberries on the Oregon coast. | Photo by Lucas Foglia

March for What's Right on April 29

Donald Trump is the only world leader who denies the science of climate change, and his presidency threatens the safety and the health of our families and communities. The People's Climate Movement, which includes the Sierra Club, is putting all of its energy toward stopping Trump's attacks on our climate and our communities. On Saturday, April 29, we will come together in Washington, D.C., for one massive march to bring our demands—or clean air, water, and land; for our families and communities; for clean-energy jobs and climate justice—to the streets. Stand up for what's right. Let us know you're in. RSVP now.

Sticky Flickers

All of the nearly 5,000 frog species in the world use their sticky tongues to catch prey, flicking them out at speeds faster than a human can blink. But what makes frogs' tongues so sticky? A group of German scientists recently shed some light on the question, prompting two Georgia Tech researchers to film the amphibian tongue-flickers with high-speed cameras. Find out more, and check out this crazy flick (pun intended).

Photo by Candler Hobbs

Healing Through Hiking

While hiking the Pacific Crest Trail's entire 2,600 miles last year, Kira Sandiford received horrific news that stopped her in her tracks and presented her with an agonizing choice. Read Sandiford's amazing story about about how the trail helped her grieve and heal.

Make a Difference With Every Purchase

Your everyday purchases have the power to either fund environmentally destructive projects or fight for a clean energy future. We worked hard to find a bank that doesn't invest in dirty energy, has never earned a dime from fossil fuels, and would never consider funding a pipeline. We found Beneficial State Bank in 2013, and have been proud partners in offering a Sierra Club Visa(r) Platinum Credit Card for almost four years. Join the growing movement of over 5,500 Sierra Club cardholders and apply for the Sierra Club Visa Credit Card today! Not only will you be supporting the Sierra Club's work, the card offers competitive rates, reward points, and much more. Learn more.

Women in the Changing World

"Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 by 2030" is this year's theme of International Women's Day . In support of this, Sierra recently wrote a piece highlighting three organizations working to change the gender imbalance in government by getting women to run for office .

March is also Women's History Month, a time when we recognize and celebrate the countless achievements made by women. But it's also a time when we must draw attention to problems too often overlooked. Find out more and watch the video .

Stand With Bears Ears

The 1.35 million acres that make up Bears Ears National Monument are sacred to tribal nations with ancestral and spiritual ties to these lands. We cannot allow this protection to be undone by our newest Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, or the Trump administration. Show your support and stand with Bears Ears. Tell your members of Congress that Bears Ears National Monument must not be plundered for the financial benefit of the few.

Prehistoric Granary overlooks Cedar Mesa. Photo by Josh Ewing


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