Congress could gut ESA

By Newsroom America Feeds at 7 Mar 2017

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URGENT: Trump's GOP Congress poised to gut the Endangered Species Act, putting countless threatened plants and animals at risk! Stand with the Sierra Club to save the ESA with your monthly gift now. Congress wants to gut the Endangered Species Act

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Dear Peter -

Suit up for another epic battle, this time for precious wildlife.

GOP lawmakers have dreamed for YEARS of rolling back the Endangered Species Act. Senate Republicans just recently made their first move to gut it completely.

Such a move would spell catastrophe for the environment, threatening to wipe beloved species like the Leatherback Turtle and the Hawaiian Monk Seal from the face of the earth forever. It's reckless, ruthless, and wrong.

The Sierra Club is fighting to preserve the ESA with every legal, political and grassroots tool at our disposal -- but we're up against Big Ag, construction and mining companies, and Donald Trump himself, poised to be the most anti-environment president in history. We need your monthly gift, and we need it now. Please, rush your emergency monthly gift to the Sierra Club now. Stand with us to save the Endangered Species Act from Trump's reactionary Congress.

During a shocking committee hearing, Senate Republicans complained the Endangered Species Act "is not working today."

Peter, the Endangered Species Act has a 99% success rate! It's saved the gray wolf, Florida manatee -- and, of course, our country's most symbolic creature, the bald eagle. It's working fine, and far more popular than the GOP Congress.

But the ESA's work is far from done: we're talking about bees that have lost 90% of their population; red wolves whose numbers have fallen below 50; the Alabama Sturgeon, feared extinct until last year. It's up to us to stop the GOP's cold-blooded plan before extinction robs us of these threatened species -- forever. We CANNOT let Trump's Congress decimate the ESA to reward their corporate cronies -- help us stop them with your monthly gift to the Sierra Club now.

The vast majority of Americans support the Endangered Species Act. That's because, like you and me, they support science, common-sense conservation measures, and precious wildlife now vulnerable to Trump's "alternative facts" and pro-polluter agenda.

We can only defeat Trump's Congress and save the ESA with your help right now.

With determination,

Michael Brune

Executive Director

Sierra Club

P.S. -- If you've recently become a monthly donor, THANK YOU. The response has been overwhelming and we're still processing donations.


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