By Newsroom America Feeds at 5 Mar 2017

Dear Robert,

The Environmental Protection Agency's existence is on the line.

The signs are clear: On Friday, Congress introduced a bill to to terminate the EPA 1, Trump has signed an executive order requiring that for every one new Federal regulation, two must be revoked 2, and he banned EPA employees from "providing updates on social media or to reporters." 3 On top of that, people with close ties to Big Oil and Dirty Coal are being put into high level positions at every turn -- the vote for fossil fuel tycoon, Scott Pruitt as EPA Administrator is on the horizon this week.

Chicago EPA workers have decided they won't stay silent any longer and Illinois Sierra Club is standing with them.

Fight for our air, water, climate, public health, and EPA workers -- join EPA Region 5 employees workers at a lunch time rally Monday to call for a protection. RSVP >>

Here are the details:

Who: EPA workers, Sierra Club members, and allies

What: #SaveEPA lunchtime rally

When: Monday, February 6 at noon

Where: Federal Plaza, 76 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 60604

If we have learned anything in the past two weeks it is that the unthinkable is on the table for the Trump Administration, and that it's up to everyday Americans like you and me to stand up for our rights, our planet, our people, and our country.

The EPA has ten regional offices the largest of which is headquartered in Chicago. Chicago isn't a city that sits back and lets others strip of us of our rights. We stood up to Trump when he tried to campaign here last year 4 and we're not going to let the EPA go down without a fight.

Show the Trump Administration what Chicago is made of and that you believe in climate change, protecting our our, water, land, and public health -- be there at noon tomorrow. RSVP >>

Times are uncertain and a lot is a risk -- the EPA employees aren't waiting until the unthinkable happens and you shouldn't either. Show up on Monday and let Trump know water is sacred, we need clean air to breathe, land safe from fracked oil, and a climate that is livable for all.

Caroline Wooten Illinois Sierra Club

P.S. Bring a friend if and a sign if you can.

P.P.S. Can't make the rally sign up to be a Prairie State Defender and we'll alert you about rapid response actions.






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