Not Even Trump Can Mess This Up

By Newsroom America Feeds at 23 Feb 2017

The Sierra Club Insider

The Most Dangerous EPA Administrator in History

Last week the Senate confirmed Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as the new administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. Pruitt has long been a friend to the fossil fuel industry—he regularly puts the interests of polluters over public health, as Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune details .

What's next now that Pruitt's leading the agency charged with protecting public health and the environment? Mary Anne Hitt, director of the Sierra Club's Beyond Coal campaign, talks resistance and accountability in her latest column.

If the EPA Sits On Its Hands, Citizens Will Get to Their Feet

Scott Pruitt's confirmation as EPA administrator leaves little doubt that the GOP Congress and Trump administration intend to weaken, if not paralyze or eliminate altogether, the nation's environmental rules and regulations. But states, governments, and the EPA aren't the only ones who have power to protect the environment. Citizens can take action, too.

No Drilling in Our National Parks

A bill now before Congress would roll back the National Park Service's ability to regulate oil and gas drilling on its own lands. In more than 40 national parks around the country, the federal government owns the surface rights but not the rights to the minerals underneath. H.J. Res. 46 would repeal a rule designed to provide reasonable safeguards from private oil and gas development within our national parks. Tell Congress: No drilling in our national parks.

Stop the New Congress's Methane Retreat

Congress is getting ready to vote on overturning safeguards put in place by the Obama administration to reduce methane pollution from the oil and gas industry. These standards would help reduce pollution and save taxpayers money-a win-win-but the new Congress and the Trump administration plan to use the so-called Congressional Review Act (CRA) to override the recently issued rules and prohibit any similar standards from ever being issued. And it could happen any day now. Tell your senators to vote no on the CRA and to stop any rollbacks of our environmental and public health protections.

Every Month for the Rest of Your Life

Your power bill. It comes every month, and it most likely goes straight toward supporting fossil fuels. But now, whether you're a renter or homeowner, Americans like yourself are taking a stand and supporting clean energy. Keep your same utility and sign up online to support wind energy through Green-e certified renewable energy certificates (RECs). Arcadia Power will match every kWh of electricity that you use with RECs from wind farms, which helps to support clean energy. This month only—on top of its ongoing donation for every person who signs up—Arcadia will make an additional $10 donation to the Sierra Club's efforts to fight for our environment.​ Sign up today!

Brand New International Itineraries

Search for the world's smallest bird and savor cultural highlights in colorful Cuba; join an extended trek among towering peaks and Buddhist monasteries in remote Nepal; or marvel at prehistoric cave paintings in Dordogne, France. All of these, plus excursions in Africa, Antarctica, Latin America, the Middle East, and more are now live and ready for reservations at Sierra Club Outings. Browse the full lineup and secure your spot today.

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Wrong Pick for Interior

According to the League of Conservation Voters, President Trump's nominee for Secretary of the Interior, U.S. Representative Ryan Zinke of Montana, has voted against the environment 97 percent of the time, including voting in favor of fossil fuel subsidies and against keeping dirty fuels in the ground on public lands.

Call your senators at 1-347-269-4100 and tell them Zinke is the wrong pick for the job of protecting our special places.

Not Even Trump Can Mess This Up

The Republican congressional leadership and the Trump administration are determined to roll back environmental progress and protections on every front, and we will fight them every step along the way. But when it comes to renewable energy, we've got an unfair advantage. Wind and solar are growing so fast that their momentum can't be stopped. All you have to do, writes Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune, is look at what happened last week in the nation's heartland. Find out how clean energy is winning in spite of Washington, D.C.

EV Drivers Under Attack

Cleaner, greener, and fun to drive, electric vehicles are, not surprisingly, rising in popularity. Yet states across the U.S. have been introducing legislation that would punish people for switching to EVs. Already this year, six states have introduced legislation that would require EV owners to pay a fee of up to $180 a year. Learn more and find out how we can fight back.

Attend Your Congressional Town Hall

Does it seem as though democracy itself has been on shaky ground lately? Well, one of the most hallowed pillars of our democracy is the tradition of the town hall. Through February 26, members of Congress will be back home while in recess, and many will be holding town hall meetings to hear from constituents. Make sure they hear from you. Find a town hall near you, learn what to expect, and read sample questions you can use in asking your members of Congress to stand up for our environment.

Get Away to a Sierra Club Lodge or Hut

Did you know that the Sierra Club owns and operates a dozen lodges and huts in California? From the flagship Clair Tappaan Lodge at Donner Pass in the Sierra Nevada to the rustic MacDonald Hut in the Santa Cruz Mountains to the grand Harwood Lodge in Southern California's San Gabriels, you'll find accommodations to suit your tastes and activities-and all are easy on your wallet. The Shasta Alpine Lodge near the Oregon border is popular with climbers, while the Keller Peak and San Antonio ski huts in the San Bernardino Mountains cater to, well... you know. Check 'em out and plan your getaway.

Your Yosemite Half Bib Awaits!

How would you like to run the sold-out Yosemite Half Marathon on May 13? In honor of the Sierra Club's 125th anniversary, Team Sierra has four slots—and you could have one of them. All you have to do is pledge to raise $1,000 to protect the places we love. Sign up with our Yosemite group and someone will contact you to register you for the race. First come, first served! Run Yosemite for the Sierra Club's 125th anniversary.

Big Savings on Sierra Club Merchandise

Help us make room for our new line of Sierra Club 125th-anniversary merchandise, arriving in the online store soon! Our clearance sale includes tote bags, t-shirts, holiday cards, travel mugs, duffel bags, calendars, and more. Sale items will go fast, so check out the Sierra Club store now.

Are You Supporting Big Oil Companies by Buying Their Stock?

Sierra's inveterate sleuth Mr. Green looks at how investors can prune big polluters from their portfolios and use the power of the purse to support renewable energy companies. See what he has to say!

Wake-up Call for California

"The Oroville Dam debacle is a wake-up call to California," maintains Kathryn Phillips, director of Sierra Club California, and Ron Stork, a policy analyst with Friends of the River, in an op-ed they co-authored for the Sacramento Bee. A dozen years ago, the two organizations warned that the dam's earthen spillway posed a danger and needed to be lined with concrete. Their concerns were ignored. "Oroville shows that sloppy attention to public safety and the environment won't do," say Phillips and Stork, "especially as we enter a new climate-affected era." Read more.

Stop the Slaughter of Wolf Pups and Grizzly Cubs

Senate Republicans recently introduced a cruel piece of legislation that would put our most vulnerable Alaskan wildlife at risk. This horrifying bill, S.J. Res. 18, would strip wildlife babies of protections they possess under a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service rule and allow the barbaric slaughter of grizzly bears and wolves on Alaska wildlife refuges—even allowing Alaska wildlife officials to shoot grizzlies from helicopters. Our wildlife deserves better. Write to your senators today and demand that they put a stop to the GOP assault on baby animals.


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