The Senate just voted to put Big Oil in charge of EPA

By Newsroom America Feeds at 17 Feb 2017

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Senate just voted to put an arsonist in charge of fighting fires:

Credit: Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0

The fight to defend our environment and health from Big Oil starts today: Renew your support now to help our EPA defense >>

Dear Peter -

The EPA may never be the same again:

Less than 24 hours ago, a judge ordered Trump's EPA nominee Scott Pruitt to disclose as many as 3,000 secret emails he sent to his buddies in the fossil fuel industry.

Today -- before the emails were even disclosed -- the Senate confirmed Pruitt as Trump's EPA chief.

He denies climate change is real. He's taken talking points written by energy lobbyists to publicly attack Obama's Clean Power Plan. And he's planning to dismantle the agency he now leads.

I am SO furious: the Senate just put an arsonist in charge of fighting fires.

We are pushing back with everything we can, mobilizing millions to speak out, protesting in the streets, and taking Pruitt to court if we have to.

How forceful our response will be depends on your support right now, Peter: Renew your support with an EMERGENCY gift to the Sierra Club now: Help defend our health and our environment from a corrupt new EPA.

Trump's trying to make good on his campaign promise to reduce the EPA to tidbits.

But here's the thing: we don't live in an autocracy. Checks and balances still exist. And Big Oil's efforts to skirt the law, pollute with abandon, and pursue profits without regard to our health will face massive challenges by you, our staff and the 2.7 million active Sierra Club members and activists.

We DO have options. We CAN stop the worst of what's coming. We WILL resist and win, in the Senate -- and in front of judges and in the court of public opinion, which can alter terrible orders like Trump's Muslim ban.

But all of this takes a lot of resources. How many campaigners we put on the ground, whether or not we can recruit, mobilize and train volunteer activists in key districts, how effectively we can reach millions through the media, how many lawsuits we can afford,what kind of legislative defense we can muster in a Congress bent on destroying our natural world... all of that is dependent directly on you. Fight to protect our environment, our health, and our natural world: Renew your support to the Sierra Club to help our citizen-based lobbying efforts.

These next four years could be the most consequential of our lifetimes. And it doesn't take much to make an enormous difference.

Please respond today, when it matters most.

With determination,

Michael Brune

Executive Director

Sierra Club


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