Man Pleads Guilty to Threatening the President of the United States

By Newsroom America Staff at 9 Nov 2016

(Newsroom America) -- Oregon man John Martin Roos, 62, has pleaded guilty to threatening to kill the President of the United States in posts on Twitter.

In separate counts, Roos also pled guilty to threatening to shoot FBI agents and possession of an unregistered explosive device.

Roos admitted in court to using racially inflammatory language in a Twitter post in which he threatened to kill President Barack Obama.

In a Facebook post, Roos threatened to "snipe" FBI agents "with hunting rifles."

Roos was arrested last April while parking his truck outside a Veterans Administration (VA) facility in White City, Oregon. The arresting agent found a loaded semi-automatic pistol underneath the driver side floor mat.

A search of Roos' apartment uncovered more firearms and several pipe bombs.

Based on his guilty pleas, Roos faces up to ten years in federal prison.

Sentencing is scheduled for next year.

Roos was ordered to remain in custody pending his sentencing.


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