Millennials Most Impacted By Housing Crisis

By Newsroom America Staff at 8 Nov 2016

(Newsroom America) -- The cost of renting an apartment or buying a home in the County of San Diego is mostly out of reach for Millennials.

As prices skyrocket due to a lack of supply, Millennials are having to make tough choices.

Either leave San Diego altogether or dedicate some 60% of their income to housing. It's a choice that's not only impacting families, but also causing huge pains for employers as they try to stay competitive in the job market.

Mike Slater hosts a talk show on 760-KFMB. Slater is a big supporter of Measure B and said, "I've had too many friends move out of San Diego recently. They're young, have great careers, and they're starting to build their families, but they can't afford a home in San Diego County. I want more affordable homes so the future leaders of San Diego can live here. We can't afford any more brain drain out of our amazing city."

Lindsay Fox is a working professional and single mom. The housing crisis and skyrocketing rent in the County has cost her precious time away from her family.

"I'm a single mom, and because of the cost of housing in San Diego County, I live in Temecula and commute daily to my job in Carmel Valley. That commute takes precious time away from my family and puts more cars on the I-15," Fox said.

The highlights of Measure B are hard to ignore:

A legally binding commitment to build a much-needed K-8 school.

A commitment to make all necessary community road and infrastructure upgrades to the tune of $16 million dollars, $2 million more than the County of San Diego requested.

$2 million net in new tax revenues for county taxpayers annually.

A new Water Recycling Plant so the project will use less water than is currently consumed on the site.

Scott Barnett, President of the San Diego Taxpayers Advocate, as well as area housing and economic experts like Alan Nevin and Gary London, are urging support for Measure B, saying it's a win for the region that desperately needs to focus on solving our housing crisis.


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