House Republicans Vote to Support Discrimination, Fail to Provide Resources to Respond to Zika

By Newsroom America Feeds at 27 May 2016


This week, I was deeply disappointed that House Republicans voted once again to discriminate against LGBT Americans. After voting in favor of discrimination twice last week, House Republicans voted against their Energy and Water appropriations bill, defeating the bill because it included an amendment that would ban federal contractors from discriminating against LGBT employees of federal contractors. While House Republicans say they do not discriminate, their record tells a different story. House Democrats will continue to hold Republicans accountable for their anti-LGBT votes and rhetoric.

As the threat of the Zika virus continues to grow, it’s inexcusable that House Republicans left town without providing the $1.9 billion in funding that President Obama requested three months ago to respond to the Zika crisis. The Centers for Disease Control have determined that 1,300 Americans – including 279 pregnant women – have confirmed cases of Zika. Yet, House Republicans continue to play politics. This week, they passed a Pesticides Trojan Horse bill, which Republicans claimed would address Zika. In reality, it is a dishonest attempt by Republicans to undo clean water protections. As we approach the summer months, we are running out of time to respond to the public health crisis. I urge House Republicans to work with Democrats to fully fund the President’s request so that we can develop a vaccine, make diagnostic testing available, and implement mosquito control programs.

Finally, it’s disappointing that House Republicans passed a bill to repeal the District of Columbia’s local budget autonomy. This legislation is yet another example of Republican overreach and an attempt to further control the District. Citizens of the District of Columbia should have the right to govern their own affairs and spend local tax dollars without interference from Congress.

Sincerely yours,

Steny H. Hoyer

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