A laundry list of broken promises

By Newsroom America Feeds at 4 Sep 2012

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Barack Obama made a whole bunch of promises when he ran for president.

And now, we see a laundry list of broken promises that have left middle-class Americans worse off under President Obama.

23 million people are struggling to find work.

Nearly one in six Americans is living in poverty.

And half of recent college graduates can't find work to fit their skills, or any work at all.

This isn't the hope and change anyone voted for.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan's plan for a stronger middle class means more jobs, more take-home pay and better opportunities.

http://secure.mittromney.com/donate/one-term-fund/?sc=INTDCON002 Donate $25 today to help Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and the Republican team undo the damage of the last four years.

Let's make sure Barack Obama is a one-term president and that we elect a Republican Senate and grow our Republican majority in the House. America can't afford four more years of crushing failures. America needs the leadership of Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and the Republican Team.


Matt Rhoades Campaign Manager Romney for President, Inc.


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