About NewsRoom America

Newsroom America is a news start-up experimenting with "Big Data", or more specifically "Big News Data", to gain greater insights into the community we live in today and the world we will live in the future. Big News Data includes the hundreds of thousands of press releases issued every day in the United States, from the White House to the local council. This amount of data cannot be managed with simple, common software and so is by definition Big Data. Newsroom America combines old fashioned editorial standards with the goal of publishing all U.S. press releases online in real-time using our prototype AI software Cyclotron.

Andrew McMillan: Director

Andrew has been involved in the IT industry for more than thirty years, with the past fifteen years largely involved in providing robust, scalable web applications in diverse application areas including news services, accounting, calendaring and the NZ national elections. Andrew has proven experience working in management of Catalyst IT, a successful New Zealand start-up, through to it's recognized commercial success with offices in Australia, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. In addition to Newsroom America, Andrew has most recently been working in a start-up involved in the development of applications for the Android platform. Andrew is a member of the New Zealand Internet Society, and was the lead architect of the system for registering domain names in New Zealand, and is developer of the DAViCal CalDAV and CardDAV server, a calendaring platform used by many businesses and educational institutions worldwide.

You can follow Andrew's blog on http://andrew.mcmillan.net.nz/

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