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You Can Unlock Shin Akuma In Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers

7:45 am Eastern | Entertainment

We Shin You Notread more »

The Inkbrush Will Kick Off Splatoon 2's Free Additions on Launch Weekend

22 Jul 13:00 | Entertainment

Inked inread more »

Guide: Where to Pre-Order Your Super NES Classic Edition

22 Jul 02:30 | Entertainment

The US pre-orders have finally started!read more »

Guide: Where to Pre-Order Your SNES Mini / Super NES Classic Edition

22 Jul 02:30 | Entertainment

Better be more »

Editorial: Nintendo, Somehow, Has Gone Backwards With Voice Chat on the Switch

21 Jul 15:30 | Entertainment

It's actually worse than on Wii U and 3DSread more »

Never Hear the Words ‘I’m Bored��� Again

21 Jul 14:01 | Entertainment

Keep the Kiddos Entertained with these Summer Boredom Bustersread more »

UNIOM Wireless Adapter Aims to Make Nintendo Switch Voice Chat Easier

21 Jul 13:00 | Entertainment

A problem that shouldn't really existread more »

Feature: RIVE Adds Copilot Mode as Two Tribes Tell Us About Upcoming Nintendo Switch Version

21 Jul 12:30 | Entertainment

"We've always held the Nintendo aesthetic in high regard"read more »

Feature: Just How Hard Is It To Buy A Nintendo Switch In Japan?

21 Jul 12:00 | Entertainment

We hit the streets of Tokyo on Splatoon 2 launch day to find outread more »

Yabuki-san Says the Mario Kart Blue Shell is Like Life - Necessary but Not Always Fair

21 Jul 11:15 | Entertainment

"It feels like something's missing" in tests without itread more »

New 2DS XL Tops Japanese Hardware Chart As Switch Sales Plunge Amid Stock Shortages

21 Jul 10:30 | Entertainment

Hey! Pikmin sells almost 80,000 units, tooread more »

Guide: Where To Find All Of Splatoon 2's Sunken Sea Scrolls

21 Jul 09:05 | Entertainment

Recommended readingread more »

Splatoon 2's Next Splatfest Tackles A Challenging Choice Of Condiments

21 Jul 08:30 | Entertainment

Mayo or Ketchup?read more »

Ninterview: Joseph "Stampy Cat" Garrett On Minecraft's Future And Why Switch Is His Favourite Nintendo Console

21 Jul 08:00 | Entertainment

"I feel like Zelda: BOTW might become my favourite game of all time"read more »

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 is Celebrated With a Limited Edition Art Print

21 Jul 07:30 | U.S. News

Art Manread more »

Factor 5 Almost Ported Super Castlevania IV To The Sega Mega Drive

21 Jul 07:00 | U.S. News

"We did a 1:1 port of Indiana Jones to the Genesis"read more »

Gallery: Splatoon 2 Squid "Air Mascots" Released in Japan

21 Jul 06:10 | Entertainment

Blowing hot airread more »

Sine Mora EX On Switch Releasing After Other Versions

21 Jul 06:00 | Entertainment

Pegged for launch "later this summer"read more »

Super Sidekicks Shoots And Scores On The Switch eShop Next Week

21 Jul 05:30 | Entertainment

"Eat my goal! The goalie's got football pie all over his shirt"read more »

Visual Novel Song Of Memories Getting Switch Port In Japan With English Subtitles

21 Jul 04:35 | Entertainment

Warning: mild cheesecake contained withinread more »

The Art of Shantae Launches Sometime in 2018

21 Jul 02:10 | Entertainment

Ret-2-go!read more »

Tetsuya Nomura Clarifies Comments About Kingdom Hearts III for Switch

20 Jul 22:45 | Entertainment

If it ever happens, it won't be for quite some timeread more »

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Takes San Diego Comic-Con by Storm!

20 Jul 16:50 | Business

With #1 Worldwide in Physical Game Sales in June, the Previouslyread more »

Horror Has a New Name, as Call of Duty: WWII Debuts Nazi Zombies at San Diego Comic Con

20 Jul 15:47 | Business

World Premiere Today of All-New Cooperative Nazi Zombies Mode atread more »

Feature: Splatoon 2 and the Spirit of Miiverse - In Pictures

20 Jul 15:00 | Entertainment

Ponies, memes and slightly odd complaintsread more »

Video: Get the Best of Both Worlds with this Transforming Joy-Con Grip Mod

20 Jul 13:00 | Entertainment

When two become oneread more »

Gallery: We Take a Look at the SNES Mini (With Waluigi)

20 Jul 13:00 | Entertainment

Only slightly bigger than our correspondent's sunglassesread more »

Video: Get a Good Look at Infinite, the New Villain in Sonic Forces

20 Jul 12:45 | Entertainment

Speed off the chartsread more »

Kid Tripp Will Dash Onto the 3DS eShop Next Week

20 Jul 12:30 | Entertainment

With a hop, skip and fireball dodgeread more »

Rogue Trooper Redux Price and Release Window Revealed

20 Jul 12:00 | Entertainment

Remastered for a whole new generationread more »

'Elite Angel' Ekoro to be Added as DLC to Mighty Gunvolt Burst

20 Jul 11:35 | Entertainment

Free for two weeksread more »

Intriguing Musical Action-Adventure Title, Figment, is Heading to Nintendo Switch

20 Jul 11:00 | Entertainment

A musical that adapts to gameplayread more »

Pokémon GO's Legendary Pokémon Are Arriving Very Soon

20 Jul 10:00 | Entertainment

It's going to be Legen...wait for itread more »

Nintendo Download: 20th July (Europe)

20 Jul 09:50 | Entertainment

Splatoon 2! Cave Story+! Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star! Boost Beast! More!read more »

Trademark Application Has Fans Dreaming of the Nintendo 64 Classic Mini

20 Jul 09:20 | Entertainment

Or perhaps it's just a coincidence?read more »

Nintendo Download: 20th July (North America)

20 Jul 09:10 | Entertainment

Splatoon 2! Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star! Boost Beast! More!read more »

Nintendo Switch Parental Controls App Gets a Neat Update

20 Jul 06:45 | Entertainment

The best convoluted way to track your playtimeread more »

Tiny Barbarian DX To Feature Lovely Box-Art By Beloved Famitsu Artist

20 Jul 06:00 | Entertainment

We love some nice box art!read more »

The First Nintendo Switch Cartridge ROM Dumps Are Emerging, But It's Early Days

20 Jul 05:30 | Entertainment

Currently unusable, but the hacking community seems hard at workread more »

Analysts Expect Nintendo Switch Hybrid to End 'Two-Punch Strategy'

20 Jul 05:05 | Entertainment

Mobile and more to fill the gapread more »

20th Century Fox’s Mega Man Movie Creeps Closer to Production

20 Jul 00:15 | Entertainment

Directors are in final talksread more »

Retro City Rampage DX is Coming to the Switch eShop Soon

19 Jul 20:10 | Entertainment

A warm-up for Shakedown Hawaiiread more »

We know what you read last summer...

19 Jul 17:22 | Entertainment

Books so chilling you'll forget it's hot out View in Browser:|13F0CB1B640109D7E0534FD66B0A73BA

read more »

Boost Beast Arrives On Switch eShop Tomorrow

19 Jul 15:30 | Entertainment

Connect, clear and summonread more »

Prima Games' Nintendo SNES Classics Book Will Go Nicely With A SNES Mini

19 Jul 12:30 | Entertainment

Now you're reading with Super Power!read more »

R.B.I. Baseball 17 Steps Up To The Plate On Switch This September

19 Jul 11:50 | Entertainment

Dynamite sluggerread more »

Pokémon GO iOS 1.39.0 & Android 0.69.0 Update Rolls Out

19 Jul 11:30 | Entertainment

New icons, search screen & Gym fixesread more »

Sci-Fi Shooter Morphite Touches Down On Switch This September

19 Jul 10:30 | Entertainment

Inspired by Ratchet and Clank, Metroid Prime and Turokread more »

Guide: How To Invite Friends And Use Voice Chat On The Nintendo Switch Online App

19 Jul 09:30 | Entertainment

Better, connectedread more »

Beach Buggy Racing Screeches Onto Switch Next Week

19 Jul 07:30 | Entertainment

Buggy Boyread more »