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Super Smash Bros. Switch And Splatoon 2 Tournaments Will Take Place At E3 This Summer

8:30 am Eastern | Entertainment

So Smash Bros. will be at E3!read more »

Double Dose Of Sengoku Arriving Next Week On Switch eShop

8:00 am Eastern | Entertainment

HAMSTER and Zerodiv, no relationread more »

Xbox's Phil Spencer Is Still Open To Banjo And Kazooie Appearing In Super Smash Bros.

6:45 am Eastern | Entertainment

Rare is also open to giving IP to third partiesread more »

Ark: Survival Evolved Dev Says The Difference Between PS4, Xbox One and Switch Isn't As Big As You Might Think

6:45 am Eastern | Entertainment

"Performance is not really the issue"read more »

Flip Wars Developer Over Fence Files For Bankruptcy

6:30 am Eastern | Entertainment

Studio formed by ex-Hudson Soft staffers is set to close shopread more »

Your Prayers Have Been Answered, Hori Is Making A Joy-Con With A Proper D-Pad

5:45 am Eastern | Entertainment

Retro gamers rejoice!read more »

Streets Of Red Launches On The Switch eShop On 29th March

2:25 am Eastern | Entertainment

Better late than neverread more »

Nintendo Reveals Splatoon’s Original Prototypes At GDC

11:55 pm Eastern | Entertainment

How different things could’ve beenread more »

(Pre)History Is Made As Ark: Survival Evolved Is Officially Announced For Switch

21 Mar 17:59 | Entertainment

Everybody do the dinosaurread more »

Come on down!

21 Mar 17:00 | Entertainment

You’re the next contestant on… Best Seller Bingo View in Browser:

read more »

These Officially-Licensed Switch Controllers Look Absolutely Stunning

21 Mar 14:00 | Entertainment

And they're available to buy nowread more »

Rocket League's Tournaments Update Will Go Live On Switch On 3rd April

21 Mar 13:30 | Entertainment

And "performance and visual quality updates"read more »

Pokémon GO's Easter Egg Event Starts Tomorrow

21 Mar 12:45 | Entertainment

Egg-citing stuff!read more »

Become A Martial Arts Master In The Melee Action Of 9 Monkeys Of Shaolin

21 Mar 12:40 | Entertainment

Way of the warriorread more »

THQ Nordic Is Reviving Its Nickelodeon Back Catalogue For Modern Systems

21 Mar 11:00 | Entertainment

Avatar! Jimmy Neutron! Rugrats! Ren & Stimpy!read more »

Kirby Star Allies Gobbles Its Way To The Top Of The Japanese Charts

21 Mar 10:40 | Entertainment

Splatoon 2 also sees a resurganceread more »

Video: Here's How To Use An Xbox One Or PS4 DualShock 4 With Your Nintendo Switch

21 Mar 10:30 | Entertainment

It's magic, I tell you!read more »

Vivendi Sells Ubisoft Stock As French Publisher Forms Deal With New Investor Tencent

21 Mar 09:40 | Entertainment

Ubi has China in its sightsread more »

Aqua Moto Racing Utopia Is Finally Ready For Release On Wii U

21 Mar 07:45 | Entertainment

Four years and a Switch release laterread more »

Action Platformer Shadow Bug Will Put Your Speedrunning Skills To The Test Next Week

21 Mar 07:15 | Entertainment

"Slicing enemies to pieces"read more »

Top-Down Adventure Crashlands Will Bring Sci-Fi Survival To Switch In 2018

21 Mar 07:00 | Entertainment

Crash landingread more »

What Happened To Morphies Law In The Nindies Showcase?

21 Mar 06:30 | Entertainment

Needs more time to get it rightread more »

SteamWorld Dig 2 And Stardew Valley Are Some Of The Best Selling Indie Games On Switch

21 Mar 06:25 | Entertainment

Celeste, Kamiko and Golf Story also performed wellread more »

Nintendo Plans To Increase "discoverability and visibility" On The Switch eShop

21 Mar 06:05 | Entertainment

It's heard your viewsread more »

Reaction: What Did You Think Of The Nindies Spring Showcase 2018?

21 Mar 06:00 | Entertainment

Vote for your favourite game!read more »

Nidhogg 2 Hits The Switch eShop in 2018

21 Mar 01:45 | Entertainment

I "nid" itread more »

Hyper Light Drifter Is Coming To The Switch This Summer

21 Mar 00:10 | Entertainment

Better late than neverread more »

West Of Loathing Is A Wild West-Themed RPG Full Of Stickman Cowboys

20 Mar 15:45 | Entertainment

Win, lose or drawread more »

Explore The Art And Culture Of Norway In The Co-Op Centric World Of Pode

20 Mar 14:05 | Entertainment

Norway, manread more »

Just Shapes And Beats Brings "Music Bullet Hell" To Switch This Summer

20 Mar 14:00 | Entertainment

20 chiptune artists contribute the soundtrackread more »

Light Fall Is Limbo Meets Celeste And Its Headed Straight For Nintendo Switch

20 Mar 13:50 | Entertainment

Don't be a squareread more »

Bad North Is The Roguelite Real-Time Strategy Romp You Never Knew You Wanted

20 Mar 13:45 | Entertainment

Play it first on Switchread more »

Garage Is Gunning Its Way Onto Switch With Blood, Guts And B-Movie Insanity

20 Mar 13:30 | Entertainment

What do you call it, Garage?read more »

Bomb Chicken Is An Explosive Puzzle Platformer That's Coming To Switch First

20 Mar 13:25 | Entertainment

Bomberman with poultry?read more »

Swipe Right (And Left) To Rule In Reigns: Kings & Queens

20 Mar 13:10 | Entertainment

Royal rumbleread more »

Channel Your Inner Shinobi As The Messenger Brings 8-Bit And 16-Bit Platforming To Switch

20 Mar 12:55 | Entertainment

Straddle the generationsread more »

Pool Panic Turns A Cartoon World Into A Pool Table, And It's Coming To Switch

20 Mar 12:45 | Entertainment

Sink the pink?read more »

Lumines Finally Brings Its Light And Sound To Switch In Lumines Remastered

20 Mar 12:45 | Entertainment

Shine a lightread more »

Fantasy Strike Is A Switch Fighter Where Anything Can Be A Weapon

20 Mar 12:40 | Entertainment

Arrives this summerread more »

Mark Of The Ninja Remastered Is Creeping Onto Nintendo Switch This Autumn

20 Mar 12:30 | Entertainment

Stealth timeread more »

The Entire Banner Saga Trilogy Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

20 Mar 12:25 | Entertainment

Epicread more »

Awesome: These Fila X Pokémon Trainers Are Far Too Cool For School

20 Mar 11:45 | Entertainment

Ace footwear, I choose you!read more »

Video: You Can Fit Practically Everything In WaterField's New SwitchPack Carry Case

20 Mar 11:30 | Entertainment

Perhaps not the kitchen sinkread more »

Live: Watch The Nintendo Switch Nindies Spring 2018 Showcase Right Here

20 Mar 11:15 | Entertainment

Indie-related goodness more »

Futuristic Combat Racer GRIP Will Be Burning Rubber On Switch Later This Year

20 Mar 11:00 | Entertainment

"Combat racing turned upside down"read more »

Grab Zelda, ARMS, FIFA 18 And More In The Big eShop Sale On 3DS, Wii U And Switch

20 Mar 10:30 | Entertainment

Bag an EU bargainread more »

Be Afraid, Wants To Make "The Next Pokémon GO"

20 Mar 09:30 | Entertainment

"What’s the other Pokémon? It doesn’t exist, right?"read more »

Feast Your Eyes (And Your Belly) On These Little Dragons Café Screens

20 Mar 08:35 | Entertainment

It seemingly has an August release date, tooread more »

Hollow Knight On Switch Not Part Of The Nindies Showcase, But Release News Is Coming Soon

20 Mar 08:30 | Entertainment

Update coming this weekread more »

Video: Nintendo Releases Infectiously Upbeat Switch Spring Line-Up Video In Japan

20 Mar 07:30 | Entertainment

Mario Tennis Aces! Splatoon 2 DLC! Donkey Kong! Kirby!read more »