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SEGA Forever May Be a Subscription Service for the Company's Iconic Retro Games

12:00 pm Eastern | Entertainment

Probably for mobile, but the dream is for more »

Video: Cars 3: Driven to Win Looks Decent In Its Gameplay Trailer

11:00 am Eastern | Entertainment

Getting into gearread more »

Deals: Come Out Fighting With This Street Fighter II Merchandise

10:00 am Eastern | Entertainment

Hadoken!read more »

Astro Duel Deluxe Bringing Multiplayer Mayhem to Switch eShop Soon

8:30 am Eastern | Entertainment

Battle your friends in space... then run over their pilots!read more »

Farming Simulator 18 is Cropping Up on 3DS This June

8:00 am Eastern | Entertainment

Too corny?read more »

Confidence in Nintendo Grows as Share Value Surpasses Previous Pokémon GO Peak

7:40 am Eastern | Entertainment

The highest it's been in over 5 yearsread more »

Hardware Review: Datel Go-tcha For Pokémon GO

7:00 am Eastern | Entertainment

Taking the effort out of catching those pesky 'monread more »

Here's How Much Space ARMS Will Take Up On Your Switch

5:00 am Eastern | Entertainment

It's less than you thinkread more »

King Of Fighters '99 Is Your Next Neo Geo Title On Switch

4:45 am Eastern | Entertainment

Going on strikeread more »

Teslagrad Was Most Profitable on the Wii U Compared to Other Platforms

12:30 am Eastern | Entertainment

Shockingread more »

Talking Point: From Joy-Con to 8Bitdo and Beyond, Switch Delivers a Revolution in Control

23 May 18:00 | Entertainment

Play any way you wantread more »

Activision Blizzard Prices $1.2 Billion of Senior Unsecured Notes

23 May 17:52 | Entertainment

SANTA MONICA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--read more »

Traveling this Summer? Bring Biography and Memoir Books on Board!

23 May 17:00 | Entertainment

Penguin Random House

Book Your Next Reading Adventure ( )

read more »

Rumour: Artwork for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Posted Online

23 May 14:40 | Entertainment

The horrorread more »

Video: Let's Discover the Very Best in Sideways Joy-Con Grips

23 May 13:00 | Entertainment

What makes sideways the best way?read more »

Let’s jam—Jamboard is now available

23 May 13:00 | World

Good ideas become great ones when you work together with your teammates. But as teams become increasingly distributed, you need tools that spur visual creativity and collaboration—a way to sketch out ideas, rev on them with colleagues no matter where they may be in the world and make them real. That’s where Jamboard, our cloud-based, collaborative whiteboard, can help. Starting today, Jamboard is available for purchase in the United States. Breaking down creative barriersWe tested Jamboard with enterprise read more »

Your family on Google

23 May 13:00 | World

Popcorn. Snuggles. Sniffles. Families share a lot of stuff—and now we’re making it even easier to share and stay connected with each other by giving you more to do with your family group on Google. You can already share music and other entertainment with the Google Play Music family plan and Google Play Family Library. Now whether it's a new TV show on your DVR, the soccer practice schedule, this week’s to-do list, or family photos from over the weekend, here’s a look at how families can do more with YouTube TV, Google Calendar, Keep and Photos. YouTube TV: Up to six houseread more »

Chrome browser in enterprise: new admin bundle and Citrix support

23 May 13:00 | World

Thanks to its speed, security and simplicity, Chrome has become the most popular browser for using the web. But it’s not just for personal use. With more than 200 browser management policies, industry-leading security and regularly scheduled updates, Chrome is also built for enterprises.Adoption of Chrome browser in enterprise has doubled in the last two years and we’re committed to making it even easier for IT admins to deploy and manage Chrome within their organization. Say hello to the new Chrome enterprise bundle.  The new bundle includes multiple tools in a single download that IT admins need for a simple, managed deployment. Today we are also announcing official Citrix support with features foread more »

Pokémon GO is Reportedly Targeting 'Cheaters' By Hiding Rare Pocket Monsters

23 May 12:30 | Entertainment

Punishment by Pidgeyread more »

AI in the newsroom: What’s happening and what’s next?

23 May 12:00 | World

Bringing people together to discuss the forces shaping journalism is central to our mission at the Google News Lab. Earlier this month, we invited Nick Rockwell, the Chief Technology Officer from the New York Times, and Luca D’Aniello, the Chief Technology Officer at the Associated Press, to Google’s New York office to talk about the future of artificial intelligence in journalism and the challenges and opportunities it presents for newsrooms.The event opened with an overview of the AP's recent report, "The Future of Augmented Journalism: a guide for newsrooms in the age of smart machines,” whichread more »

Gallery: Check Out Five Control Schemes for ARMS

23 May 10:45 | Entertainment

High fiveread more »

A vision for success: Taking LED glasses made in Korea to the world

23 May 10:05 | World

As part of our series of interviews with entrepreneurs across Asia Pacific who use the Internet to grow their business, we caught up with Kyuhee Lee, marketing manager at Chemion, to find out how this startup went from selling zero pairs of Chemion LED glasses to over 10,000 in just three months. read more »

8Bitdo Pads Updated With Nintendo Switch Support, Just In Time For Ultra Street Fighter II

23 May 10:00 | Entertainment

Even more control optionsread more »

An Adventure Time Mashup Pack is Coming to Minecraft

23 May 09:45 | Entertainment

Well, why not?read more »

Level-5 Is Working On At Least One Nintendo Switch Game

23 May 09:30 | Entertainment

Yokai Watch? Layton? Ni no Kuni?read more »

Powering ads and analytics with machine learning

23 May 09:00 | World

Today in San Francisco, we’re bringing together a thousand marketers from around the world to Google Marketing Next, our annual event to discuss what’s coming next for ads, what’s needed now to grow your business and what we can achieve together.The ubiquity of mobile has dramatically changed the game in the ads world over the past few years. People expect to be able to immediately turn to their device to know, go, do, and buy—and marketers need to be able to meet those consumers in the moment. But that’s not enough. As people continue to embrace new, natural ways of interacting with devices, ads need to get even smarter and more frictionless—otherwise people will just move on.That’s why a big focus of today is how machine learning technology–the same tech that is making Gmail replies smarter and helping you get things done around the house with the Google Assistant—will be critical to advertising. It can help marketeread more »

Activision Blizzard to Offer Senior Unsecured Notes

23 May 08:54 | Entertainment

SANTA MONICA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--read more »

Nintendo of America Confirms 'Summer of Play' Tour of Switch and 3DS Games

23 May 08:25 | Entertainment

"The tour is a great place to spend a summer afternoon", says Bowserread more »

Random: Kid Creates Switch From Cardboard, Father Caves And Gets Him The Real Deal

23 May 06:45 | Entertainment

Good things come to those who make their own consolesread more »

RiME On Switch Will Run At 720p In Both Docked And Portable Modes

23 May 06:00 | Entertainment

No boost for playing on the TVread more »

Google Maps can be your travel guide this summer

23 May 06:00 | World

The unofficial kick-off to summer is just around the corner. To give you some travel planning inspiration this year, we looked at historical Google Maps data to find the top trending places of the season throughout the U.S. Follow our summer lists below to head to the hot spots or avoid the crowds–the choice is yours. Already know where you’re going? Then create your own lists and share them with friends via your favorite messaging and social apps.Drinks with a view When the weather is warm, bars with outdoor patios, views of the water, rooftops, and creative cocktails draw the biggest crowds. This summer bars list is NYC-heavy so if you’re thinking about the Big Apple this summer–this one’s for you. Education + eread more »

Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night Is Only 20 To 30 Percent Complete

23 May 04:45 | Entertainment

Koji Igarashi admits he needs to speed things upread more »

Android Pay says "Привет" to Russia

23 May 02:00 | World

Stepping out for groceries or an afternoon coffee? You’ll no longer need to bring anything more than your phone. Starting today, Android Pay is available in Russia – which means you’ll be able to enjoy a simpler and more secure way to pay across all 11 time zones.Android Pay lets you check out quickly and easily in some of your favorite stores and apps – gone are the days of fumbling for credit cards and counting cash. Get the Android Pay app from Google Play and add your eligible card to get started. When you’re ready to pay, just hold your phone near the payment terminal and wait for the checkmark to appear. You can also add all your loyalty cards to Android Pay so they’re easily accessible. read more »

Inti Creates CEO Talks More on Mighty Gunvolt Burst

23 May 01:25 | Entertainment

"We made this game completely on our own"read more »

Chromophore: The Two Brothers Is Still in the Works

22 May 21:10 | Entertainment

Five years and more »

Video: This Fan-Made Clip Is The Best Commercial For The Nintendo Switch Yet

22 May 19:10 | Entertainment

Take to the skiesread more »

Toy Unboxing Lucrative But Sensitive

22 May 17:09 | Entertainment

The global social media phenomenon of toy unboxing is causing concern for parents and other child welfare advocates. Now new research recommends regulation to address more »

Guide: What Time Is The ARMS Global Testpunch Demo?

22 May 13:30 | Entertainment

Come out swingingread more »

Reminder: Here Are the Times for the ARMS Global Testpunch

22 May 13:30 | Entertainment

Come out swingingread more »

Editorial: An Empty Box is $5 and a Dock is $89 - Welcome to Switchonomics

22 May 12:15 | Entertainment

If we pay it, then the price is rightread more »

It Looks Like Dino Dini's Kick Off Revival Is Taking To The Pitch On Switch

22 May 10:15 | Entertainment

Sick as a parrotread more »

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is Now Approved for Sale in China

22 May 09:00 | Entertainment

Possibly destined for the NVIDIA Shieldread more »

Super Famicom Title "Ghost Chaser Densei" Translated Into English

22 May 07:00 | Entertainment

The other Ghosts in the Shellread more »

There's Still No Date for the All-Important NBA Playgrounds Update on Switch eShop

22 May 06:45 | Entertainment

"In a matter of days / week"... uh-huhread more »

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Enjoys a Reasonable Debut in UK Charts

22 May 06:00 | Entertainment

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe remains the best performer on Switchread more »

Random: Take Legend Of Zelda, Add Some Gundam And You've Got Plenty Of Awesome

22 May 05:30 | Entertainment

Upwardly mobileread more »

Niantic Drops Hint That Legendary Monsters Are Coming To Pokémon GO This Summer

22 May 04:45 | Entertainment

"This summer will be legendary"read more »

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 To Bring the Power to Nintendo Switch in Autumn / Fall

22 May 04:35 | Entertainment

Local play and, um, optional motion controlsread more »

Random: Mario Kart 8 Mod Adds Everyone's Favourite Pink Blob To The Starting Grid

21 May 20:00 | Entertainment

Kirby Air Ride 2?read more »

Nintendo's Response To Blind Rhythm Heaven Fan Will Warm Even The Coldest Of Hearts

21 May 19:05 | Entertainment

"I will always support you, Nintendo"read more »