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Bill Trinen on the Addition of DLC to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

9:30 pm Eastern | Entertainment

"It would be a waste to just make one game and have that be it"read more »

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ Misses Switch Launch Day, But Retail Release Adds Instruction Booklet

8:00 pm Eastern | Entertainment

Still due in Marchread more »

Feature: Nintendo Switch Countdown - 1-2-Switch Would Have Been Ideal As 'Free-to-Start'

7:30 pm Eastern | Entertainment

Even though some of us have succumbed to pre-ordersread more »

Video: Atooi Provides Another Showcase of the Chicken Wiggle Level Editor

6:30 pm Eastern | Entertainment

Getting a wiggle onread more »

Suda51 Talks Up Nintendo Switch Development Tools and Utilising The Hardware for No More Heroes

6:00 pm Eastern | Entertainment

Plans to bring back popular charactersread more »

It's Time to Claim Your Nintendo Account User ID for Nintendo Switch

2:45 pm Eastern | Entertainment

Availability of iluvpeach28 is currently unconfirmedread more »

Gallery: Go On, Feast Your Eyes On The Nintendo Switch Packaging

12:30 pm Eastern | Entertainment

Boxing cleverread more »

Dragon Quest Heroes I | II Download on Nintendo Switch Will Definitely Need a Micro SD Card

11:10 am Eastern | Entertainment

Other confirmed file sizes will go easier on the consoleread more »

GameRaisers Will Battle Olympic Medalist Louis Smith in Smash Bros., for Comic Relief

20 Feb 10:30 | Entertainment

The Pommel expert trying out some cartoonish pummelingread more »

2013 Kickstarter Success Soul Saga Is Still Coming To The Wii U eShop

20 Feb 10:00 | Entertainment

No news on Switch version, thoughread more »

Random: Here's What Happens When A Toyota Takes On Street Fighter Baddie M. Bison

20 Feb 09:30 | Entertainment

(Or Vega, if you'd prefer)read more »

Dragon Ball Fusions Sneaks Into UK Top 40

20 Feb 09:00 | Entertainment

Pokémon Sun is still outshining Pokémon Moonread more »

Yoku's Island Express, an 'Open World Pinball Adventure', is Coming to Nintendo Switch

20 Feb 07:50 | Entertainment

It stars a heroic dung beetle and looks rather charmingread more »

Retro: This Is Why We Should Probably Be Glad Nintendo Stuck With Carts For The N64

20 Feb 07:00 | Entertainment

Think optical media is indestructible? Think againread more »

Zelda: Breath Of The Wild's ESRB Rating Makes It Sound Like A Proper Laugh Riot

20 Feb 06:15 | Entertainment

"If I have to have something pounce on me, why couldn't it be a lady?"read more »

You'll Only Have Access To 25.9GB Of The Nintendo Switch's 32GB Of Storage

20 Feb 05:30 | Entertainment

OS and other files take up 6.1GB of spaceread more »

Nintendo Download: 23rd February (Europe)

20 Feb 05:05 | Entertainment

forma.8! Harvest Moon 64! Vaccine! Much more!read more »

Turns Out That Leaked Nintendo Switch Was Stolen And Illegally Resold

20 Feb 04:45 | Entertainment

Those responsible "under investigation by local law enforcement"read more »

Nintendo Switch Teardown Images Pop Up Online

19 Feb 14:50 | Entertainment

Looks like a tablet's innards, unsurprisinglyread more »

Eiji Aonuma & Shigeru Miyamoto Discuss Legend of Zelda Fan Feedback

19 Feb 08:15 | Entertainment

Balancing the Triforceread more »

Nintendo Switch Dev Kits Are Nice and Affordable, According to Reports From Game Creators Conference

18 Feb 19:00 | Entertainment

Capcom seems eager to continue support in future, more »

Talking Point: Lack of Nintendo Switch Details Close to Launch Made Wobbly Cam 'Leaks' Inevitable

18 Feb 18:15 | Entertainment

The big N underestimates fan desire to see the eShop, user interface etcread more »

Hands On: Trying Out the Nintendo Switch on its Public Tour

18 Feb 13:10 | Entertainment

The UK console tour comes to Manchesterread more »

RPG Maker Fes and Culdcept Revolt Set for Summer Arrivals on 3DS

17 Feb 23:00 | Entertainment

NIS America continues to localise intriguing titlesread more »

Hands On: Creating a Quest in RPG Maker Fes

17 Feb 23:00 | Entertainment

World-buildingread more »

Talking Point: The Nintendo Switch Could Revive Local Multiplayer

17 Feb 13:00 | Entertainment

Get ready to call up some friends and start playingread more »

Disgaea 5 Complete Gets A Solid Release Date For Nintendo Switch

17 Feb 11:30 | Entertainment

Starting planning your attack nowread more »

Poochy & Yoshi Offer Tips For National Love Your Pet Day

17 Feb 09:30 | Entertainment

Treat your pooch(y) todayread more »

Random: Digital Version Of 1-2-Switch Listed For Just £1.99 On Amazon

17 Feb 08:20 | Entertainment

UPDATE: And it's gone!read more »

Random: Digital Version Of 1-2-Switch Listed For Just £1.99 On Amazon

17 Feb 08:20 | Entertainment

UPDATE: Amazon now cancelling ordersread more »

Guide: Essential Nintendo Switch Accessories

17 Feb 08:00 | Entertainment

Switch it up with these lovely peripherals and accessoriesread more »

Guide: How To Kit Out Your Avatar With New Clothing In Pokémon GO

17 Feb 07:55 | Entertainment

You've gotta look the partread more »

Go! Go! Kokopolo 3D Dashes Onto the 3DS eShop Soon in North America

17 Feb 07:00 | Entertainment

Time to Chase-em-upread more »

Nintendo Switch eShop Purchases Will Be Tied To Your Nintendo Account

17 Feb 06:40 | Entertainment

Confirmation at lastread more »

Video: Here's The World's First Nintendo Switch Unboxing

17 Feb 06:00 | Entertainment

hiphoptherobot strikes againread more »

Guide: How To Get Evolution Items In Pokémon GO And Evolve New Monsters

17 Feb 05:30 | Entertainment

Know your Dragon Scale from your Sun Stoneread more »

Guide: How To Get Special Items In Pokémon GO And Evolve New Monsters

17 Feb 05:30 | Entertainment

Know your Dragon Scale from your Sun Stoneread more »

Video: Check Out The Profile And Mii Options On Nintendo Switch

17 Feb 04:00 | Entertainment

The leaks keep on comingread more »

January NPD Results Show the NES Classic Edition Was the Third Best-Selling Console of the Month

16 Feb 23:15 | Entertainment

It outsold the Wii U…read more »

The Eevee Naming Trick Works for Espeon and Umbreon in Pokémon GO

16 Feb 21:55 | Entertainment

Well, that's convenientread more »

Guide: How To Evolve Eevee Into Espeon And Umbreon In Pokémon GO

16 Feb 21:55 | Entertainment

The renaming trick worksread more »

Video: Nintendo Switch User Interface Shown Off In Leaked Footage

16 Feb 16:15 | Entertainment

Someone has been a bit naughtyread more »

Team Teaches Science Through Minecraft Video Game

16 Feb 15:12 | SciTech

University of Texas at Dallas team is exploring whether teaching real-world science through a popular computer game may offer a more engaging and effective educational approach than traditional concepts of instruction. read more »

Activision Blizzard Announces New Call of Duty In-Game Purchase to Support Veteran Hiring

16 Feb 13:02 | Entertainment

More Than 3,400 Veterans Placed in High-Quality Careers Throughread more »

Ultimate Chicken Horse Will Bring Level Creation Shenanigans to Nintendo Switch

16 Feb 12:00 | Entertainment

The 'family-friendly party platformer' has been a hit on PCread more »

Video: I Am Setsuna's Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer Piles On The Accolades

16 Feb 11:00 | Entertainment

Now in French, tooread more »

Pokémon GO Is Warming Up Shopping Centers In Mainland Europe This Week

16 Feb 10:00 | Entertainment

Adding 58 PokéStops & Gymsread more »

Nintendo Download: 16th February (North America)

16 Feb 09:55 | Entertainment

Tanks, Beds, Balls, Cubes and Ogres!read more »

Video: Eurogamer Explores Nintendo's Historical Link With Gambling And The Yakuza

16 Feb 09:45 | Entertainment

Leaving luck to heavenread more »

New SNES Fighter Unholy Night Takes To Kickstarter To Fund Cartridge Production

16 Feb 09:00 | Entertainment

Created by former SNK staffers, no lessread more »