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Feature: Tokyo Game Show - A Nintendo Switch Publisher's Perspective

7:15 pm Eastern | Entertainment

Flyhigh Works and CIRCLE on their big push with Nintendo's systemread more »

Talking Point: Nintendo Switch and Third-Parties - Let's Be Realistic

3:00 pm Eastern | Entertainment

It's exciting, but don't get carried awayread more »

Video: Gawk at All 25 of the Super Mario Odyssey Outfits Revealed So Far

2:00 pm Eastern | Entertainment

More than a stitch to wearread more »

Junichi Masuda is Visiting StreetPass Mii Plaza In His Famous Gold Pants

12:00 pm Eastern | Entertainment

Based on his real life fashion, we're sureread more »

Grab Some Free Trainer Outfits for Pokkén Tournament DX

22 Sep 11:30 | Entertainment

Leather jackets and jeans - perfect for a mid-life crisisread more »

Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists And The Mysterious Paintings Is Coming To Switch

22 Sep 10:50 | Entertainment

Now that's a mouthfulread more »

You Can Now Enable Two-Step Authentication For Your Nintendo Account

22 Sep 10:00 | Entertainment

Security and stabilityread more »

Bethesda Says DOOM And Wolfenstein 2 Are "The Start" Of A Nintendo Relationship

22 Sep 09:45 | Entertainment

"It’s not as if we’re going to just do these two games"read more »

Video: Pokémon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon's New Trailer Features Outrageous Surfing, Dudes

22 Sep 09:15 | Entertainment

Everybody's going surfingread more »

Shinji Mikami Thinks A Switch Version Of The Evil Within 2 Would Be "Interesting"

22 Sep 09:00 | Entertainment

Make it happen, Bethesda!read more »

Nintendo Makes Another Pitch for Pokkén Tournament DX in Its Launch Trailer

22 Sep 08:00 | Entertainment

For the double-dippersread more »

Volgarr The Viking Hacks And Slashes His Way To Switch And Wii U In October

22 Sep 07:30 | Entertainment

(Hopefully)read more »

Vostok Inc, a 'Twin-stick Clicker', is Bringing Capitalism and Explosions to Switch

22 Sep 07:15 | Entertainment

"I really wanted to do a Switch version because it's a perfect thing"read more »

Splatoon 2's Latest Weapon Is The Rapid Blaster Pro

22 Sep 06:30 | Entertainment

Go Proread more »

Resident Evil Revelations 1 & 2 On Switch Make Use Of The Joy-Con IR Camera And amiibo

22 Sep 05:30 | Entertainment

Motion controls also supportedread more »

VOEZ Is Getting A Physical Release In Japan That Adds Docked Gameplay Option

22 Sep 05:15 | Entertainment

Upwardly mobileread more »

Reggie on How Nintendo Handles Announcements and Responds to Fan Input

22 Sep 02:15 | Entertainment

"We love to surprise people."read more »

Rumour: Data Miners Find Evidence of Pokémon Crystal in the Gold and Silver VC Releases

21 Sep 22:55 | Entertainment more »

Gear.Club Unlimited's Full Roster of Licensed Cars Has Been Confirmed

21 Sep 20:30 | Entertainment

BMW, Lotus, McLaren and more brands includedread more »

Random: Game Boy Advance SP Screen Found Inside Electrocardiogram Machine

21 Sep 19:45 | Entertainment

Quality of Life?read more »

Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Pokémon Steal the Show at the Japan Game Awards 2017

21 Sep 19:30 | Entertainment

A fitting prizeread more »

RIVE is Confirmed to Hit 1080p and 60fps on Switch, Runs 'Smoother Than PS4 Version'

21 Sep 19:15 | Entertainment

"It was never intended as a portable game, but it's a perfect fit"read more »

Video: Here's What NBA 2K18 Looks Like on the Switch

21 Sep 13:00 | Entertainment

"JPEG artifact hair"read more »

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is Already the Top Selling Third-Party Switch Game

21 Sep 12:45 | Entertainment

Though it's cheating because Mario is in itread more »

Take a Look at the Art Book and Harbinger Class for Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth

21 Sep 12:15 | Entertainment

"A force to be reckoned with in the right hands"read more »

Nintendo NY Store Confirms SNES Classic Edition Midnight Launch Party

21 Sep 11:15 | Entertainment

Only for those with a wristband, of courseread more »

Nintendo Download: 21st September (Europe)

21 Sep 10:20 | Entertainment

Pokkén and retro Pokémon! SteamWorld Dig 2! Thimbleweed Park! More!read more »

The Team Behind Switch DOOM Is Also Porting Rocket League To Nintendo's Console

21 Sep 10:15 | Entertainment

A talented bunch, it seemsread more »

Video: Digital Foundry Breaks Down DOOM On Switch In A Unique Way

21 Sep 10:05 | Entertainment creating a Switch-spec PC to test its limitsread more »

First Impressions: Hell in a Handbasket - DOOM on Nintendo Switch

21 Sep 10:00 | Entertainment

Big, dumb, and lots of funread more »

SteamWorld Dig 2 Promises A Big Reward For Dedicated Completionists

21 Sep 09:30 | Entertainment

Will you be the first to 100%?read more »

Nintendo Download: 21st September (North America)

21 Sep 09:25 | Entertainment

Pokkén and retro Pokémon! SteamWorld Dig 2! Arcade Archives! More!read more »

Video: Celica Joins The Battle In Fire Emblem Warriors

21 Sep 08:45 | Entertainment

Redheads just want to have funread more »

Ninterview: Meet The Nintendo Life Splatoon 2 UK Championship Team

21 Sep 08:00 | Entertainment

EGX 2017 FTW!read more »

Piczle Lines DX Gets 20 New Puzzles in a Free 'Horror' Update

21 Sep 07:15 | Entertainment

To keep you busy until Halloweenread more »

Random: Sports Stars Just Can't Get Enough Of The Nintendo Switch

21 Sep 06:30 | Entertainment

The perfect travel companion?read more »

Video: Exploring The 8-Bit Mega Man Games Of The SNES Era

21 Sep 05:00 | Entertainment

AKA: The ones everyone forgot to playread more »

Super Grand Prix Mode Is Coming to Super Bomberman R

21 Sep 04:45 | Entertainment

The gift that keeps on givingread more »

Preview: Solving the Puzzle of Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy

21 Sep 04:00 | Entertainment

A new generation with a familiar nameread more »

XSEED Games Reveals What Will Come Included with Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition

21 Sep 00:25 | Entertainment

That's a lot of Shantaeread more »

Caveman Warriors is Bringing Multiplayer Mayhem to the Switch eShop

20 Sep 20:30 | Entertainment

Supporting single Joy-Con controls for co-opread more »

Deemo Will Bring a Musical Flourish to the Nintendo Switch Next Week

20 Sep 19:00 | Entertainment

Over 200 songs at launch, with more on the wayread more »

INVERSUS Deluxe Starts Battle on the Switch eShop Very Soon

20 Sep 18:00 | Entertainment

50 maps, online ranked multiplayer and moreread more »

Hyperkin Controller Adapter For SNES Classic Mini Lets You Use Your Original Pads

20 Sep 13:48 | Entertainment

Dig out those battered old weaponsread more »

Better Together Minecraft Update Goes Live, But Won't Arrive on Switch Until Winter

20 Sep 12:35 | Entertainment

"There's a lot of work to do to make that happen"read more »

Pokémon GO's Equinox Event Brings With It A New Item

20 Sep 11:30 | Entertainment

Rare Pokémon! Bonus Stardust! Triple XP!read more »

Metroid: Samus Returns Makes Modest Chart Debut in Japan, as Switch Still Dominates

20 Sep 10:45 | Entertainment

Sold less than Other M, but a lot more than Federation Forceread more »

Random: Just Because You Can Mash-Up Zelda And GTA Doesn't Mean You Should

20 Sep 10:30 | Entertainment

The means streets of Hyruleread more »

Indie Hit Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime is Heading to the Switch eShop Very Soon

20 Sep 10:00 | Entertainment

Best in co-op, but solo play is supportedread more »

Battle Princess Madelyn Gets an Awesome Teaser Trailer

20 Sep 09:35 | Entertainment

Heading to Switch and Wii U in Q1 2018read more »