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SEGA Forever May Be a Subscription Service for the Company's Iconic Retro Games

12:00 pm Eastern | Entertainment

Probably for mobile, but the dream is for more »

Video: Cars 3: Driven to Win Looks Decent In Its Gameplay Trailer

11:00 am Eastern | Entertainment

Getting into gearread more »

Deals: Come Out Fighting With This Street Fighter II Merchandise

10:00 am Eastern | Entertainment

Hadoken!read more »

Astro Duel Deluxe Bringing Multiplayer Mayhem to Switch eShop Soon

8:30 am Eastern | Entertainment

Battle your friends in space... then run over their pilots!read more »

Farming Simulator 18 is Cropping Up on 3DS This June

8:00 am Eastern | Entertainment

Too corny?read more »

Confidence in Nintendo Grows as Share Value Surpasses Previous Pokémon GO Peak

7:40 am Eastern | Entertainment

The highest it's been in over 5 yearsread more »

Hardware Review: Datel Go-tcha For Pokémon GO

7:00 am Eastern | Entertainment

Taking the effort out of catching those pesky 'monread more »

Here's How Much Space ARMS Will Take Up On Your Switch

5:00 am Eastern | Entertainment

It's less than you thinkread more »

King Of Fighters '99 Is Your Next Neo Geo Title On Switch

4:45 am Eastern | Entertainment

Going on strikeread more »

Teslagrad Was Most Profitable on the Wii U Compared to Other Platforms

12:30 am Eastern | Entertainment

Shockingread more »

Talking Point: From Joy-Con to 8Bitdo and Beyond, Switch Delivers a Revolution in Control

23 May 18:00 | Entertainment

Play any way you wantread more »

Activision Blizzard Prices $1.2 Billion of Senior Unsecured Notes

23 May 17:52 | Entertainment

SANTA MONICA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--read more »

Rumour: Artwork for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Posted Online

23 May 14:40 | Entertainment

The horrorread more »

Video: Let's Discover the Very Best in Sideways Joy-Con Grips

23 May 13:00 | Entertainment

What makes sideways the best way?read more »

Pokémon GO is Reportedly Targeting 'Cheaters' By Hiding Rare Pocket Monsters

23 May 12:30 | Entertainment

Punishment by Pidgeyread more »

Gallery: Check Out Five Control Schemes for ARMS

23 May 10:45 | Entertainment

High fiveread more »

8Bitdo Pads Updated With Nintendo Switch Support, Just In Time For Ultra Street Fighter II

23 May 10:00 | Entertainment

Even more control optionsread more »

An Adventure Time Mashup Pack is Coming to Minecraft

23 May 09:45 | Entertainment

Well, why not?read more »

Level-5 Is Working On At Least One Nintendo Switch Game

23 May 09:30 | Entertainment

Yokai Watch? Layton? Ni no Kuni?read more »

Activision Blizzard to Offer Senior Unsecured Notes

23 May 08:54 | Entertainment

SANTA MONICA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--read more »

Nintendo of America Confirms 'Summer of Play' Tour of Switch and 3DS Games

23 May 08:25 | Entertainment

"The tour is a great place to spend a summer afternoon", says Bowserread more »

Random: Kid Creates Switch From Cardboard, Father Caves And Gets Him The Real Deal

23 May 06:45 | Entertainment

Good things come to those who make their own consolesread more »

RiME On Switch Will Run At 720p In Both Docked And Portable Modes

23 May 06:00 | Entertainment

No boost for playing on the TVread more »

Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night Is Only 20 To 30 Percent Complete

23 May 04:45 | Entertainment

Koji Igarashi admits he needs to speed things upread more »

Inti Creates CEO Talks More on Mighty Gunvolt Burst

23 May 01:25 | Entertainment

"We made this game completely on our own"read more »

Chromophore: The Two Brothers Is Still in the Works

22 May 21:10 | Entertainment

Five years and more »

Video: This Fan-Made Clip Is The Best Commercial For The Nintendo Switch Yet

22 May 19:10 | Entertainment

Take to the skiesread more »

Reminder: Here Are the Times for the ARMS Global Testpunch

22 May 13:30 | Entertainment

Come out swingingread more »

Guide: What Time Is The ARMS Global Testpunch Demo?

22 May 13:30 | Entertainment

Come out swingingread more »

Editorial: An Empty Box is $5 and a Dock is $89 - Welcome to Switchonomics

22 May 12:15 | Entertainment

If we pay it, then the price is rightread more »

It Looks Like Dino Dini's Kick Off Revival Is Taking To The Pitch On Switch

22 May 10:15 | Entertainment

Sick as a parrotread more »

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is Now Approved for Sale in China

22 May 09:00 | Entertainment

Possibly destined for the NVIDIA Shieldread more »

Super Famicom Title "Ghost Chaser Densei" Translated Into English

22 May 07:00 | Entertainment

The other Ghosts in the Shellread more »

There's Still No Date for the All-Important NBA Playgrounds Update on Switch eShop

22 May 06:45 | Entertainment

"In a matter of days / week"... uh-huhread more »

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Enjoys a Reasonable Debut in UK Charts

22 May 06:00 | Entertainment

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe remains the best performer on Switchread more »

Random: Take Legend Of Zelda, Add Some Gundam And You've Got Plenty Of Awesome

22 May 05:30 | Entertainment

Upwardly mobileread more »

Niantic Drops Hint That Legendary Monsters Are Coming To Pokémon GO This Summer

22 May 04:45 | Entertainment

"This summer will be legendary"read more »

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 To Bring the Power to Nintendo Switch in Autumn / Fall

22 May 04:35 | Entertainment

Local play and, um, optional motion controlsread more »

Random: Mario Kart 8 Mod Adds Everyone's Favourite Pink Blob To The Starting Grid

21 May 20:00 | Entertainment

Kirby Air Ride 2?read more »

Nintendo's Response To Blind Rhythm Heaven Fan Will Warm Even The Coldest Of Hearts

21 May 19:05 | Entertainment

"I will always support you, Nintendo"read more »

Nintendo Switch Standalone Dock Goes Up for Pre-Order on Amazon UK

21 May 12:45 | Entertainment

£80 for playing on another TVread more »

Poll: Who Would You Like To See In Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo Switch?

21 May 10:15 | Entertainment

Let the hype train begin…read more »

Famicom Version of "Rampart" Translated to English

20 May 17:00 | Entertainment

But your castle is (with)in another castle!read more »

Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack to Bring Two 3DS Gems to the Switch eShop

20 May 15:00 | Entertainment

Along with the previously outed Mighty Gunvolt Burstread more »

Video: The Complete History Of Mario Kart

20 May 07:00 | Entertainment

From SNES to Switch in 25 yearsread more »

Video: The Complete History Of Mario Kart

20 May 07:00 | Entertainment

From SNES to Switch in 25 Yearsread more »

Video: Chill Out Listening to the Entire Squid Sisters Stories Saga

19 May 15:00 | Entertainment

Read by our resident Alexread more »

Retrospective: The Awkward Birth of the DS, Nintendo's Most Successful System

19 May 13:00 | Entertainment

How a third pillar became a golden gooseread more »

De Mambo Brings One-Button Chaos to the Switch eShop on 29th June

19 May 11:30 | Entertainment

With a solo mode and multiplayer shenanigansread more »

4J Studios Exploring a 1080p Update for Minecraft on Switch, As Screenshot Bug Fix is Released

19 May 09:50 | Entertainment

Digital Foundry also assesses the blocky releaseread more »