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Spreading Rumors On Twitter And Mistaking Retweets For Truth

5:08 pm Eastern | Entertainment

A new study of the believability of information received via Twitter and the intention to pass on a tweet--whether news or rumor--is influenced by the number of times the information has already been retweeted. read more »

People Remain Calm As The World Ends, Video Game Study Suggests

21 Mar 17:28 | Entertainment

As the world ends, will you lock arms and sing "Kumbayah" or embark on a path of law-breaking, anti-social behavior?read more »

YouTube Users Be Aware: Your Viewing Habits Can Be Tracked

16 Mar 17:21 | SciTech

Despite YouTube's attempts to safeguard user anonymity, intelligence agencies, hackers and online advertising companies can still determine which videos a user is watching, according to Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) more »

Amid Rise Of 'Fake News' Authorities "Should Ensure Truthful Info Reaches Public"

13 Mar 14:10 | World

Noting growing prevalence of “fake news” and propaganda in both legacy and social media, key human rights experts have called on State actors to ensure that they disseminate reliable and trustworthy information, including about matters of public interest, such as the economy, public health, security and the more »

Violent Video Games Found Not To Affect Empathy

9 Mar 2017 | Entertainment

The link between playing violent video games and antisocial behavior, such as increased aggression and decreased empathy, is hotly debated. read more »

Playing Pokémon Go May Help People Reach 10,000 Daily Steps Goal

9 Mar 2017 | SciTech

Playing the popular smartphone game Pokémon Go may increase people's daily steps, especially among young adults with low physical activity levels or those who are overweight or more »

Original Paintings From Pink Floyd's The Wall On Sale For The First Time

8 Mar 2017 | U.S. News

San Francisco Art Exchange has been selected to exclusively represent the most valuable collection of rock and roll artwork ever to be offered for sale: eleven original paintings created and hand-selected by famed English artist Gerald Scarfe, from Pink Floyd's 1982 masterpiece The Wall. read more »

More Social Connection Online Tied To Increasing Feelings Of Isolation

7 Mar 2017 | SciTech

The more time a young adult uses social media, the more likely they are to feel socially isolated, according to a national analysis led by University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine more »

Negative Coverage Of The EU In UK Newspapers Nearly Doubled Over The Past 40 Years

6 Mar 2017 | World

A study co-authored by researchers at Queen Mary University of London has revealed that negative coverage of the European Union in UK newspapers increased from 24 percent to 45 percent between 1974 and more »

Game Theory Could Improve Cyberwarfare Strategy

2 Mar 2017 | SciTech

Whether a nation should retaliate against a cyber attack is a complicated decision, and a new framework guided by game theory could help policymakers determine the best more »

Study Shows How Musical Cues Trigger Happy Or Sad Memories

1 Mar 2017 | Entertainment

Happy memories spring to mind much faster than sad, scary or peaceful ones. Moreover, if you listen to happy or peaceful music, you recall positive memories, whereas if you listen to emotionally scary or sad music, you recall largely negative memories from your past. read more »

New Studies Illustrate How Gamers Get Good

28 Feb 2017 | Entertainment

A research team led by a Brown University computer scientist has found insights about how people improve their skills in a rather unlikely place: online video more »

Kids Want Parental Help With Online Risk, But Fear Parental Freak Outs

28 Feb 2017 | Entertainment

Kids think that parents just don't understand what it is like to be a teen in an internet-connected world and this lack of understanding may hinder the development of skills necessary to safely navigate online, according to a team of more »

Communications Expert Explains How Science Should Respond To Fake News

20 Feb 2017 | U.S. News

The rise of fake news has dominated the world of politics since the last U.S. election cycle. But fake news is not at all new in the world of science, notes University of Wisconsin-Madison Life Sciences Communication Professor Dominique Brossard. read more »

Team Teaches Science Through Minecraft Video Game

16 Feb 2017 | SciTech

University of Texas at Dallas team is exploring whether teaching real-world science through a popular computer game may offer a more engaging and effective educational approach than traditional concepts of instruction. read more »

We Like Taking Selfies But Not Looking At Them

10 Feb 2017 | Entertainment

While selfies are extremely common, opinions on selfies can vary significantly, with some seeing them as a creative outlet and a way to connect with other people and others seeing them as narcissistic, self-promotional and more »

Why We Underestimate Time When We're Having Fun On Facebook

9 Feb 2017 | Entertainment

Updating your Facebook status can be a fun way to while away the hours - but now it seems it really is making us lose track of time as we do more »

More Screen Time For Kids Isn't All That Bad

8 Feb 2017 | Entertainment

A researcher says children should be allowed to delve into screen technology, as it is becoming an essential part of modern more »

Psychology Explains How To Win An Oscar

6 Feb 2017 | U.S. News

If you want to win an Oscar it is best to be an American actor in a film that portrays American culture. read more »

Why Is Some Social Media Content Interpreted As Bragging?

1 Feb 2017 | SciTech

People who post personal content on social networking sites such as Facebook and try to present themselves in a positive light may be perceived as bragging, and therefore be less attractive to others, according to a new study published in Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social more »

Oprah Winfrey Becomes A Special Contributor To 60 Minutes

1 Feb 2017 | U.S. News

Oprah Winfrey, the esteemed broadcaster, producer, actress and philanthropist, will become a special contributor to 60 MINUTES, it was announced by the news magazine's executive producer, Jeff more »

Death Clocks Should Come With A Health Warning, Says Top Economist

30 Jan 2017 | SciTech

John Appleby, Chief Economist at the Nuffield Trust, uses online "death clocks" to calculate the date of his demise, but finds that his life expectancy varies depending on who he more »

Video Game Ratings Work, If You Use Them

26 Jan 2017 | Entertainment

Nearly every video game sold or downloaded comes with a rating that provides age-appropriate guidelines based on the game's content. Critics have questioned the effectiveness of ratings, but new research from Iowa State University indicates the rating system is a beneficial more »

Satirical News Has Serious Political Effects

24 Jan 2017 | Entertainment

Satirical news programs, often dismissed as mere entertainment, have real political effects on the people who watch them, new research more »

Your 'Anonmyized' Web Browsing History May Not Be Anonymous

23 Jan 2017 | SciTech

Raising further questions about privacy on the internet, researchers from Princeton and Stanford universities have released a study showing that a specific person's online behavior can be identified by linking anonymous web browsing histories with social media more »

Smoking Related Imagery Absent From Only One James Bond Movie To Date

17 Jan 2017 | Entertainment

Smoking related imagery is conspicuous by its absence from only one Bond movie since 007 first graced cinema screens in 1962, finds an analysis in Tobacco Control. read more »

U2 Announces The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

10 Jan 2017 | U.S. News

Live Nation has announced that U2 will return to select stadiums this year with U2: The Joshua Tree Tour 2017, in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the band's classic album. read more »

Obama Family Voted Most Desirable Neighbors For 2017; Justin Bieber Named Worst

30 Dec 2016 | Entertainment

Americans would most like to be neighbors with the Obamas in 2017, according to the 10th annual Zillow Celebrity Neighbor Survey. read more »

Star Wars Actress Carrie Fisher Dies

27 Dec 2016 | U.S. News

Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher has died in hospital following a heart attack aged more »

Feeling Blue? Taking A Break From Facebook Might Help

21 Dec 2016 | SciTech

A new study shows that regular use of social networking such as Facebook can negatively affect your emotional well-being and satisfaction with life. read more »

Got To Remember Them All, Pokémon

20 Dec 2016 | Entertainment

"Gotta catch them all, Pokémon!" Or in this case -- got to remember them all, Poké more »

Men Should Avoid Rock Music When Playing Board Games, Say Scientists

13 Dec 2016 | Entertainment

Men should avoid rock music when playing board games, say scientists. Mozart may enhance a man's performance in board games - while AC/DC may hinder their chances, according to new more »

Scheduling Leisure Activities Makes Them Less Fun

9 Dec 2016 | SciTech

In a series of studies, researchers found that scheduling a leisure activity like seeing a movie or taking a coffee break led people to anticipate less enjoyment and actually enjoy the event less than if the same activities were more »

Research Explains Why Some Presents Are Great To Give But Not To Receive

9 Dec 2016 | SciTech

New research highlights common mistakes that people will make this holiday season, including thinking more about the moment they expect when giving a present than the many moments after when their recipients keep and use the more »

Those Funny Ads May Make You Laugh, But Maybe Not Buy

2 Dec 2016 | Entertainment

Advertisers often use humor to grab customers' attention, but they should do so with caution, according to a recently published study. read more »

Big Data Analytics The Nostradamus Of The 21st Century?

1 Dec 2016 | SciTech

The future of election polling will be based on social media comments and data, according to a Griffith University researcher who correctly predicted Donald Trump as US President. read more »

Four Conspirators Convicted For Defrauding Dating Site Victims Of Millions Of Dollars

30 Nov 2016 | U.S. News

A federal jury has convicted four people for conspiracies to commit wire fraud and money laundering arising from a scheme to defraud vulnerable victims of millions of more »

It Takes Less Than A Second To Tell Humans From Androids

29 Nov 2016 | SciTech

It can be hard to tell the difference between humans and androids in such sci-fi TV shows as "Westworld." But in real life, beyond our screens, the human brain takes less than a second to tell between reality and fantasy, according to new research from the University of California, more »

Relationship Between Online Social Networking And Depression "Complex"

29 Nov 2016 | Entertainment

Frequency and duration of online social networking may have a negative effect on mental health outcomes such as depression, but a new systematic review suggests that the relationship between online social networking and depression is more complex. read more »

Study Suggests That Parental Health Behaviors May Influence Children's Sleep

25 Nov 2016 | SciTech

A new study indicates that children's sleep duration may be influenced by parental sleep duration and confidence, which suggests that efforts to address insufficient sleep among children may require family-based more »

Creative Activities Promote Day-To-Day Wellbeing

25 Nov 2016 | SciTech

Everyday creative activity may lead to an "upward spiral" of increased wellbeing and creativity in young adults, new research from New Zealand's University of Otago more »

Fourth Conspirator In SnappzMarket Mobile App Piracy Group Convicted

22 Nov 2016 | U.S. News

A fourth member of the SnappzMarket online piracy group has been convicted for his role in the illegal distribution of copies of copyrighted Android mobile device more »

How Social Media Impacts Consumer Spending

21 Nov 2016 | Business

For businesses using social media, posts with high engagement have the greatest impact on customer spending, according to new research from the University at Buffalo School of more »

Social Media Activism Is Driving Corporate Agendas

18 Nov 2016 | World

A new study shows the ways firms in tightly controlled countries are being pressured by cyber activists and how they should more »

Donald Trump Wins Esquire Magazine's "Dubious Man of the Year" Award

17 Nov 2016 | U.S. News

Having been swept into the highest office in the land on November 8, President-Elect Donald Trump reached another pinnacle of achievement today, when it was announced by the editors of Esquire that he had been elected to the prestigious, hard-won title of "Dubious Man of the Year." read more »

Consuming Violent Media Linked To 13x Surge In Violent Dreams

16 Nov 2016 | Entertainment

The violent and sexual media you consume during the day may infiltrate your dreams at night, new research more »

How Entertainment Affects Our Politics

14 Nov 2016 | US Politics and Govt

Hillary Clinton’s stunning defeat begs the question: when will the highest and hardest glass ceiling be shattered in the U.S.? While change is not yet coming to the nation’s political stage, it is under way on our screens, and new research reveals that the fiction we watch influences our gendered perceptions of what it takes to be an effective more »

Movie Producer Charged With Defrauding Hedge Fund Investors

14 Nov 2016 | U.S. News

The Securities and Exchange Commission has charged a former movie producer and self-proclaimed private equity executive with defrauding investors in hedge funds and using the money he stole to support his extravagant more »

Television Cooking Shows Overlook Safe Food Handling Practices

9 Nov 2016 | Entertainment

Forty-eight million cases of foodborne illness are reported annually in the United States, including 3,000 deaths, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. read more »

Children's Health And Privacy At Risk From Digital Marketing

9 Nov 2016 | Entertainment

For the first time, researchers and health experts have undertaken a comprehensive analysis of the concerning situation in the World Health Organisation European Region regarding digital marketing to children of foods high in fats, salt and more »