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Sonic Mania Plus Patch Accidentally Leaked To Some UK Players

12:20 am Eastern | Entertainment

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Calling all adrenaline junkies!

5:00 pm Eastern | Entertainment

Get hooked on a suspenseful new series View in Browser:

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Feature: Taking To The Skies With Rogue Aces Developer Infinite State

18 Apr 14:00 | Entertainment

"Empowering the player is key to us"read more »

Call of Duty® Alexa Skill Launches Today for Call of Duty: WWII

18 Apr 13:04 | Entertainment

Call of Duty® Alexa Skill Launches Today for Call of Duty: WWIIread more »

Video: Diving Head-First into the World of Nintendo Labo

18 Apr 13:00 | Entertainment

Will you be my Labo partner?read more »

Digital remains should be treated with the same care and respect as physical remains

18 Apr 12:00 | World

From live-streaming funerals to online memorial pages and even chat-bots that use people's social media footprints' to act as online ghosts, the digital afterlife industry (DAI) has become big more »

Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story Will Dial Onto Nintendo Switch Next Week

18 Apr 11:45 | Entertainment

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Video: Capcom Shows Off Mega Man X Legacy's Bonus Features In New Footage

18 Apr 11:30 | Entertainment

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Feature: Which Retro Classics Do You Want To See Come To Sega AGES On Switch?

18 Apr 10:00 | Entertainment

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Guide: Pokémon GO's Best Pokémon For Attacking And Defending

18 Apr 09:30 | Entertainment

Gym'll fix itread more »

Looks Like BitSummit 2018 Will Have Plenty Of Nintendo Switch Indies In Attendance

18 Apr 09:10 | Entertainment

Including Above, World for Two and moreread more »

There's Trouble In Paradise As Nintendo Adds Loot Boxes To Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

18 Apr 08:40 | Entertainment

Pay to campread more »

Video: Ace Your Way To World Number One With Tennis World Tour's Career Mode

18 Apr 08:10 | Entertainment

You cannot be serious?read more »

Escape Alien Infestation In Professor Lupo And His Horrible Pets This Fall

18 Apr 08:00 | Entertainment

From the studio behind Nihilumbraread more »

Brazilian Beat 'Em Up 99Vidas Gets New Switch Release Window And Exclusive Features

18 Apr 07:10 | Entertainment

"New and exclusive content"read more »

Success And City Connection Confirm Psyvariar Delta For August Release On Switch

18 Apr 06:30 | Entertainment

Coming in digital and physical forms, tooread more »

Japan Is More Excited About Nintendo Labo Than God Of War

18 Apr 05:55 | Entertainment

Cardboard Kratosread more »

Celeste Dev Confirms TowerFall Is Coming To Switch

18 Apr 05:50 | Entertainment

"I'm working on it right now"read more »

Abylight Shows Hyper Light Drifter Running On Nintendo Switch

18 Apr 05:30 | Entertainment

"Hyper Light Drifter looks perfect on handheld!"read more »

Immortal Redneck's Roguelike Shooter Antics Will Blast Onto Switch On 10th May

18 Apr 05:30 | Entertainment

Seeing red(neck)read more »

Wave Race Director Shinya Takahashi Hints That The Series May Return Soon

18 Apr 04:35 | Entertainment

​"You may see that game again"read more »

Dark Souls: Remastered Will Still Have An Early Network Test

18 Apr 02:15 | Entertainment

It’ll just be late, like the gameread more »

Trust in science, news and experts is influenced by sound quality

17 Apr 17:17 | World

A new study by USC and The Australian National University shows that audio quality influences whether people believe what they hear -- and whether they trust the source of information. read more »

Ubisoft's Big E3 2018 Keynote Will Be Heading To LA On 11th June

17 Apr 12:50 | Entertainment

Expect games, games and more gamesread more »

Get Your Wiggle On As Spectrum Gets A Switch-Exclusive Local Multiplayer Race Mode

17 Apr 11:50 | Entertainment

Platforming with palsread more »

Nihilumbra Will Make The Journey From Wii U To Switch On 3rd May

17 Apr 11:13 | Entertainment

Something wicked this way comesread more »

NBA Playgrounds 2 Will Take To The Court On Switch In 2018

17 Apr 10:50 | Entertainment

Ballin'read more »

Dark Souls: Remastered Succumbs To Delay On Switch, Along With Solaire amiibo

17 Apr 10:10 | Entertainment

"Forgive me… I am impure"read more »

Guide: Pokémon Switch: Rumours, Release Date News And Everything Else We Know So Far

17 Apr 10:00 | Entertainment

Switching how we playread more »

Ripped from the Headlines

17 Apr 09:36 | Entertainment

Books in the News This Week View in Browser:

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Just How Is Nintendo Making All The Cardboard Kits For Nintendo Labo?

17 Apr 09:30 | Entertainment

Japanese packaging firm Rengo to the rescue!read more »

Nintendo's Online Services Are Down For Russian Users As Officials Block Telegram Messenger

17 Apr 07:30 | World

Collateral damage?read more »

FDG Entertainment Teases Physical Edition Of Oceanhorn On Switch

17 Apr 07:15 | Entertainment

"Something is missing"read more »

Guide: Pokémon GO Shinies List And How To Catch All Shiny Pokémon

17 Apr 07:00 | Entertainment

Rise and Shinyread more »

The Musical Mind Madness Of Figment Skips Onto Nintendo Switch On 31 May

17 Apr 07:00 | Entertainment

A beautiful hand-drawn platformer/puzzlerread more »

Video: Feast Your Eyes On This New Trailer For Octopath Traveler

17 Apr 06:55 | Entertainment

Even if it is in more »

Konami's Creating A New Castlevania, But It's Not Coming To Consoles

17 Apr 06:25 | Entertainment

Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls is an iOS exclusive, for now at leastread more »

Snack World: Trejarers Gold On Switch Will Upgrade Visuals And Add In Surround Sound

17 Apr 06:10 | Entertainment

It's snack timeread more »

These Early Zelda: Breath of the Wild Concept Designs Have Us Dreaming Of A Darker Sequel

17 Apr 06:00 | Entertainment

Creepy stuffread more »

Top-Down Roguelike Shooter Juicy Realm Will Blast Onto Switch This Summer

17 Apr 05:45 | Entertainment

Juicyread more »

NBA Playgrounds 2 Rated By The Australian Classification Board

17 Apr 05:30 | Entertainment

Say what?read more »

Interview: Suda51 On Travis Strikes Again, Nintendo Switch And The Future Of No More Heroes

17 Apr 05:00 | Entertainment

"We want Travis to go on for many more years"read more »

Nintendo Switch Version 5.0.2 Is Now Live

17 Apr 02:35 | Entertainment

It does more than you think!read more »

A New Secret Has Been Found In The Master Trials For Breath Of The Wild

17 Apr 00:30 | Entertainment

The game that keeps on givingread more »

Motivation for using fake Instagram (Finsta) is not to reveal inappropriate self

16 Apr 14:34 | U.S. News

As Instagram is viewed as a place for building the ideal self, some users have created fake Instagram (Finsta) accounts to buck this trend. But are these "fake" accounts really there to express the real, sometimes ugly self, or is there a deeper motivation? read more »

Venture Kid Is Coming To Nintendo Switch, And It's A Console Exclusive

16 Apr 14:00 | Entertainment

A platformer of the retro varietyread more »

Activision Blizzard Partners with Nielsen on Esports Brand Valuation

16 Apr 12:08 | Entertainment

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Rumour: FIFA 18 To Get New World Cup Mode As A Digital Add-On

16 Apr 11:05 | Entertainment

The details come from a fresh 'leak' at more »

Talking Point: Does Sega's AGES Announcement Mean The Virtual Console Is Dead?

16 Apr 11:00 | Entertainment

And if it is, does it really matter?read more »

Horizon Chase Turbo Could Be Speeding Towards Nintendo Switch

16 Apr 10:50 | Entertainment

Update: Coming later this year, in factread more »