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RAND identifies new strategies for countering Russian social media

12 Apr 15:12 | World

A new RAND Corporation report finds that Russia is waging a social media campaign in the Baltics, Ukraine and nearby states to sow dissent against neighboring governments, as well as NATO and the European more »

Is your Easter egg bad for the environment?

29 Mar 2018 | World

With Easter fast approaching, the thought of chocolate is probably on all our minds, but could the UK's love of chocolate be having a damaging effect on the environment? read more »

West Greenland Ice Sheet melting at the fastest rate in centuries

29 Mar 2018 | World

The West Greenland Ice Sheet melted at a dramatically higher rate over the last twenty years than at any other time in the modern record, according to a study led by Dartmouth College. read more »

Global carbon emissions could be cut 3 percent by following the UK's example

27 Mar 2018 | World

The UK cut its emissions from electricity production by 25% in 2016, using a strategy many countries could adopt to quickly lower carbon more »

Germany was covered by glaciers 450,000 years ago

26 Mar 2018 | World

The Quaternary sediments in central Germany are perfect archives to understand the climate shifts that occurred in the region during the last 450,000 years, according to more »

Global warming increases the risk of avalanches

15 Mar 2018 | World

The impacts of global warming are felt especially in mountainous regions, where the rise in temperatures is above average, affecting both glacierized landscapes and water resources. read more »

New mathematical framework establishes the risk of dramatic collapses of real networks

2 Mar 2018 | World

A theoretical framework explaining the risk of rare events causing major disruptions in complex networks, such as a blackout in a power grid, has been proposed by a mathematician at Queen Mary University of London. read more »

Levels of inappropriate antibiotic prescribing in England estimated to be 20%

28 Feb 2018 | World

Research published by Public Health England (PHE) estimates that at least 20% of all antibiotic prescriptions written in primary care in England are more »

Children's learning is not affected by repeated sick days with fever and infections

23 Feb 2018 | World

A fevered and listless child with ear pain, a bad cough or snot running out of their nose is a well-known phenomenon in most families with children. But even when one sick day leads to another, and collecting prescriptions at the pharmacy becomes a routine, parents need not to worry that their children´s brain are affected or they are losing the ability to do well in more »

Europe's cities face more extreme weather than previously thought

21 Feb 2018 | World

Research by Newcastle University, UK, has for the first time analysed changes in flooding, droughts and heatwaves for all European cities using all climate models and it shows they face more extreme weather than previously more »

Terrorist Attacks In London Condemned

5 Jun 2017 | World

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has strongly condemned the terrorist attacks in London and expressed solidarity with the people and Government of the United Kingdom in the combat against terrorism and violent more »

Pope's Encyclical Boosted His Credibility On Climate Change

24 May 2017 | World

The Pope's 2015 encyclical on climate change did not directly influence people's beliefs about the seriousness of climate change or its effect on the poor, a study has found. The papal message did, however, indirectly influence people's beliefs about climate change by raising the Pope's credibility on that issue, most strongly among more »

Europe: Nearly 25,000 Refugee Children 'In Limbo' At Risk Of Mental Distress

5 May 2017 | World

Nearly 75,000 refugees and migrants, including an estimated 24,600 children, currently stranded in Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary and the Western Balkans are at risk of psychosocial distress caused by living in a protracted state of limbo, UNICEF has more »

UK Government's Counterterrorism Strategy Is Having Little Impact In The NHS

27 Apr 2017 | World

NHS organisations are obliged by law to report people it fears at risk of becoming terrorists under the Prevent strategy - part of the UK government's counterterrorism plan aimed at stopping people becoming terrorists. read more »

Chernobyl 31 Years On: International Cooperation Still Needed To Address Consequences

27 Apr 2017 | World

The United Nations has commemorated the International Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day recalling the devastating explosion of 1986 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant which spewed radioactive material to an area stretching 155,000 square kilometres across Belarus, Russia and more »

Mapping Food Color Regulations In The EU And The US

14 Apr 2017 | World

A new study suggests that EU and the US companies and consumers have much to gain from closer cooperation on food colouring. read more »

The Survival Of Journalism Fraught With Danger And Being Squeezed From All Directions

11 Apr 2017 | World

Well researched journalism is more important than ever. Around the world there are squeezes on press freedom from all directions, and with the rise of what has been dubbed "fake-news", it is a time for thorough journalism, says Rachael Jolley, editor of the Index on Censorship more »

Babies Cry Most In UK, Canada, Italy & Netherlands

4 Apr 2017 | World

Babies cry more in Britain, Canada and Italy, than the rest of the world -- according to new research by the University of more »

U.S. Not In Top Ten Happiest Countries

21 Mar 2017 | World

Canada is the seventh happiest country in the world, according to the 2017 World Happiness Report edited by CIFAR Co-Director John F. Helliwell, but neighbour the United States misses out on a top ten more »

Milgram Experiment In Poland Shows People Still Obey

15 Mar 2017 | World

The title is direct, "Would you deliver an electric shock in 2015?" and the answer, according to the results of this replication study, is yes. Social psychologists from SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Poland replicated a modern version of the Milgram experiment and found results similar to studies conducted 50 years more »

Expert Warns Ukrainians Of Chemical Disaster Risk

13 Mar 2017 | World

Unless the fighting in eastern Ukraine is stopped and precautions are taken to secure industrial facilities in the area, the armed conflict could lead to a catastrophic chemical disaster, an independent human rights expert more »

Negative Coverage Of The EU In UK Newspapers Nearly Doubled Over The Past 40 Years

6 Mar 2017 | World

A study co-authored by researchers at Queen Mary University of London has revealed that negative coverage of the European Union in UK newspapers increased from 24 percent to 45 percent between 1974 and more »

More Than 300 Migrant Deaths On Mediterranean Crossing In First Two Months Of 2017

27 Feb 2017 | World

An estimated 366 migrants died at sea during their Mediterranean journey to Europe in the first 53 days of 2017, down from 425 of the comparable period of last year, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) more »

Genetic Data Show Mainly Men Migrated From The Pontic Steppe To Europe 5,000 Years Ago

24 Feb 2017 | World

A new study looking at the sex-specifically inherited X chromosome of prehistoric human remains, shows that hardly any women took part in the extensive migration from the Pontic-Caspian Steppe approximately 5,000 years ago. read more »

Warning Of Civilian Casualties In 'Face To Face' Fighting In Ukraine

15 Feb 2017 | World

Intensified fighting between Government and non-Government forces near densely populated areas in eastern Ukraine is endangering civilians, according to the senior United Nations humanitarian representative in the more »

Thousands Of Children Out Of School As Classrooms Shelled In Eastern Ukraine

9 Feb 2017 | World

With thousands of children forced out of school in eastern Ukraine, UNICEF and its partners have strongly condemned the indiscriminate shelling of schools, and called for all sides to immediately recommit to the ceasefire signed in Minsk in August more »

Civilians Face 'Dire' Situation Amid Ongoing Hostilities In Eastern Ukraine

6 Feb 2017 | World

An immediate pause in fighting is needed in Ukraine to prevent more people dying and repair essential services, the United Nations human rights office said following another night of shelling in the east of the more »

Dangerous Conditions In Ukraine After Heavy Fighting Shuts Down Power, Water

3 Feb 2017 | World

More than 2,500 children in the Donetsk region of Ukraine are without heat, electricity or water, prompting UNICEF to call for an end to fighting in the area so that the infrastructure can be more »

More Than 90 Per Cent Of Children Reaching Italy's Shores Are Separated Or Unaccompanied

17 Jan 2017 | World

Noting that the number of children arriving in Italy by themselves via the sea in 2016 more than doubled over the previous year, UNICEF called for urgent and special measures to protect them from trafficking, exploitation and more »

Migrants Battling Exposure As Freezing Temperatures Grip Europe

12 Jan 2017 | World

Sounding the alarm over the situation of thousands of migrants, asylum seekers and others enduring extreme cold conditions across Europe and Eastern Mediterranean, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has appealed for immediate action to save them from freezing to more »

Study Finds Some Councils In London Let Down Homeless Veterans

21 Dec 2016 | World

A new study finds some local authorities in London are letting down homeless veterans. read more »

UN condemns 'Horrific' Terrorist Attack In Berlin

21 Dec 2016 | World

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has condemned the terrorist attack in Berlin and expressed his deepest sympathy and condolences to the families “of the victims of this horrific act,” as well as to the German Government and people. read more »

Archaeologists Discover Unknown City In Greece

15 Dec 2016 | World

An international research team at the Department of Historical Studies, University of Gothenburg, is exploring the remains of an ancient city in central Greece. The results can change the view of an area that traditionally has been considered a backwater of the ancient more »

Worrying Traces Of Resistant Bacteria In Air

21 Nov 2016 | World

Polluted city air has now been identified as a possible means of transmission for resistant more »

Early Evidence Of Dairying Discovered

16 Nov 2016 | World

A team of scientists and archaeologists have discovered widespread evidence of prehistoric milk production in southern Europe. read more »

Call To Tackle The UK's Plutonium Mountain

16 Nov 2016 | World

A Research Chair in Radioactive Waste Management, Professor Neil Hyatt, has called for UK plutonium policy to be re-examined to allow swift immobilisation of UK's civil plutonium stockpile to maximise safety, security and affordability for UK more »

Pancreatic Cancer Set To Become Third Biggest Cancer Killer In EU Next Year

10 Nov 2016 | World

The number of deaths from pancreatic cancer will overtake breast cancer mortality rates in the EU in 2017, a study has more »

Nearly One Billion Travel Abroad In First Nine Months Of 2016

8 Nov 2016 | World

Recording an almost four per cent increase over the same period last year, the first nine months of 2016 witnessed 956 million international tourists travelling to different parts of the worldread more »

133 Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Brain Fossil Found In England

31 Oct 2016 | World

Soft tissues such as hearts and muscles are very rarely preserved in the fossil record but researchers in the United Kingdom recently identified a genuine fossilized brain from a roughly 133 million-year-old more »

Mediterranean Death Toll In 2016 'Worst We Have Seen'

26 Oct 2016 | World

With just two months left in 2016, and despite a substantial drop in the number of migrants and refugees attempting to cross the Mediterranean, the number of people losing their lives has witnessed a three-fold overall increase this year, and in one particular route by more than more »

Greenland Ice Is Melting 7 Percent Faster Than Previously Thought

17 Oct 2016 | World

The same hotspot in Earth's mantle that feeds Iceland's active volcanoes has been playing a trick on the scientists who are trying to measure how much ice is melting on nearby more »

Urgent Solutions For Refugee And Migrant Children In Calais 'Long Overdue'

14 Oct 2016 | World

With the imminent clearance of the Calais camp and wet winter weather fast approaching, UNICEF's Special Coordinator for the Refugee and Migrant Crisis in Europe said the commitment by the United Kingdom and France to find urgent solutions for the hundreds of refugee and migrant children languishing there for months, “could not come a minute too soon.”read more »

Thousands Of Melanoma Patients In Europe Have No Access To New Life Saving Drugs

11 Oct 2016 | World

Over 5000 patients with metastatic melanoma in Europe are denied access to new, life saving drugs every year, according to a survey presented at the ESMO 2016 Congress in more »

North Atlantic Ocean Study Shows Leaded Petrol Emissions Declining

30 Sep 2016 | World

A new study of lead pollution in the North Atlantic Ocean provides strong evidence that leaded petrol emissions have declined over the past few decades. read more »

Vast Majority Of World – 6.76 Billion People – Living With Excessive Air Pollution

28 Sep 2016 | World

With some 6.5 million people dying annually from air pollution and 92 per cent of the world’s population living in places where levels exceed recommended limits, the United Nations rolled out its most detailed profile of the scourge ever in a bid to slash the deadly more »

Civilian Casualties Up 66 Per Cent In Eastern Ukraine During Summer

16 Sep 2016 | World

A new report shows a 66 per cent increase in the number of conflict-related civilian casualties in eastern Ukraine and describes the deterioration of the human rights situation there, as a result of escalating hostilities between the Government and non-Government forces from June to more »

Latest Research Confirms Sitting In Traffic Jams Is Officially Bad For You

15 Sep 2016 | SciTech

Drivers have been urged to close windows and turn off fans while in traffic jams to avoid breathing in dangerously high levels of air pollution. read more »

Almost 300,000 Migrants And Refugees Reached Europe Over Past 8 Months

15 Sep 2016 | World

Close to 300,000 migrants and refugees have reached Europe between the start of this year and mid-September, with most of them entering through Greece and Italy, according to an update from the International Organization for Migration (IOM).read more »

European Region Most Skeptical In The World On Vaccine Safety

9 Sep 2016 | World

Public confidence in vaccines varies widely between countries and regions around the world, and the European region is the most sceptical about vaccine safety, according to the largest ever global survey of confidence in vaccines. read more »

Greece Facing 'Serious Challenges' And Needs Help To Manage Refugee Crisis

29 Aug 2016 | World

Greece still faces great challenges in managing its refugee crisis, particularly if European Union countries do not step up their relocation and family reunion programmes, the head of the United Nations refugee agency more »