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New evidence of nuclear fuel releases found at Fukushima

1 Mar 2018 | World

Uranium and other radioactive materials, such as caesium and technetium, have been found in tiny particles released from the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactors. read more »

China's two-child policy may exacerbate gender inequality

23 Feb 2018 | World

Since China ended its one-child policy allowing all families to have up to two children, an additional 90 million women have become eligible to have a second child. But new UBC sociology research suggests the new universal two-child policy could be negatively affecting women's status and gender more »

Where Climate Change Is Most Likely To Induce Food Violence

9 Jun 2017 | World

Climate change is expected to lead to more violence related to food scarcity, but new research suggests that the strength of a country's government plays a vital role in preventing uprisings. read more »

Pollution 'Devastating' China's Vital Ecosystem, Research Shows

2 Jun 2017 | World

The startling extent to which man-made pollution is devastating China's vital ecosystem's ability to offset damaging carbon emissions has been more »

New Approach Predicts Threats To Rainforests

29 May 2017 | World

With rain forests at risk the world over, a new collaboration is equipping conservationists with the tools to predict and plan for future forest more »

Security Council Strongly Condemns Ballistic Missile Test By North Korea

23 May 2017 | World

Strongly condemning North Korea's latest ballistic missile launch, the United Nations Security Council vowed to "fully and comprehensively implement all measures" imposed on the country and strongly urged all other UN Member States to do the more »

UN Condemns North Korea's Ballistic Missile Launch

16 May 2017 | World

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has urged Pyongyang to return to the path of denuclearization saying the latest ballistic missile launch by North Korea (DPRK) is a threat to peace and security in the more »

Rising Temperatures Threaten Stability Of Tibetan Alpine Grasslands

11 May 2017 | World

A warming climate could affect the stability of alpine grasslands in Asia's Tibetan Plateau, threatening the ability of farmers and herders to maintain the animals that are key to their more »

'All Indications Suggest DPR Korea Making Progress' On Nuclear Programme

4 May 2017 | World

The head of the international atomic agency has expressed serious concern about the nuclear program of North Korea (DPRK), saying all indications suggest that the country is moving ahead with its nuclear more »

Afghanistan Casualties Remain High In First Quarter

28 Apr 2017 | World

The United Nations mission in Afghanistan has urged all parties to the conflict to take immediate and concrete measures to better protect civilians from harm, as the latest data for 2017 shows continued high numbers of civilian more »

Science Fiction Horror Wriggles Into Reality With Discovery Of Giant Shipworm

18 Apr 2017 | World

Our world seems to grow smaller by the day as biodiversity rapidly dwindles, but Mother Earth still has a surprise or two up her sleeve. An international team of researchers were the first to investigate a never before studied species -- a giant, black, mud dwelling, worm-like animal. read more »

New World Auction Record For Any Diamond Or Jewel

5 Apr 2017 | World

Sotheby's in Hong Kong has set a new world auction record for any diamond or jewel when The Pink Star, a 59.60-carat oval fancy vivid pink and internally flawless diamond, sold for $71.2 million. read more »

Over 100 Million People Face Severe Food Insecurity Worldwide

3 Apr 2017 | World

Despite international efforts to address food insecurity, around 108 million people worldwide were severely food insecure in 2016, a dramatic increase compared with 80 million in 2015, according to a report on food crises that offers benchmark for action needed to avoid more »

600 Million Children Could Face Extreme Water Shortages

23 Mar 2017 | World

Warning that as many as 600 million children – one in four worldwide – will be living in areas with extremely scare water by 2040, UNICEF called on governments to take immediate measures to curb the impact on the lives of more »

North Korea Facing 'Entrenched, Largely Forgotten' Humanitarian Crisis

22 Mar 2017 | World

Over two-thirds of the population in North Korea (DPRK) suffers from food insecurity, malnutrition, and a lack of access to basic health and sanitation services, according to a latest humanitarian report, which also appeals for $114 million to meet the urgent need of the most more »

The Looming Threat Of Asian Tobacco Companies To Global Health

14 Mar 2017 | World

There are already one billion tobacco smokers worldwide, and this number is likely to rise further with Asian tobacco companies poised to enter the global market, according to SFU health sciences professor Kelley more »

Latest Ballistic Launches By North Korea Raise Risk Of Regional Arms Race

9 Mar 2017 | World

Expressing strong condemnation of the most recent ballistic missile launches carried out by North Korea (DPRK), the United Nations Security Council reiterated that the country should refrain from any actions, including nuclear tests, in violation of the relevant Council more »

IAEA Chief Airs Concern Over North Korea's Nuclear Plan

7 Mar 2017 | World

The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has expressed serious concern about the nuclear programme of North more »

Study Shows China's Severe Weather Patterns Changing Drastically Since 1960

20 Feb 2017 | World

In one of the most comprehensive studies on trends in local severe weather patterns to date, an international team of researchers found that the frequency of hail storms, thunderstorms and high wind events has decreased by nearly 50 percent on average throughout China since more »

North Korea's Ballistic Missile Launch "Strongly" Condemned

14 Feb 2017 | World

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has voiced strong opposition to the latest ballistic missile launch by North Korea, calling on Pyongyang to fully comply with its international obligations to more »

Chinese Air Pollution Linked To Deaths

13 Feb 2017 | World

In the largest epidemiological study conducted in the developing world, researchers found that as exposures to fine particulate air pollution in 272 Chinese cities increase, so do deaths from cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. read more »

Tigers Could Roam Again In Central Asia, Scientists Say

17 Jan 2017 | World

Caspian tigers, some of the largest cats that ever lived -- up to 10 feet long and weighing more than 300 pounds -- met a grim end in the middle of the 20th century. read more »

Air Pollution And Lack Of Physical Activity Pose Competing Threats To Children In China

11 Jan 2017 | World

Children and adolescents in mainland China are facing two serious and conflicting public health threats: ongoing exposure to air pollution and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle with little regular physical activity outside more »

High Rates Of PTSD And Other Mental Health Problems After Great East Japan Earthquake

10 Jan 2017 | World

The devastating 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and resulting nuclear disaster in Japan had a high mental health impact -- with some effects persisting several years later, according to a comprehensive research review in the Harvard Review of more »

2016: Another Fatal Year For Elephants

23 Dec 2016 | World

Elephants continued to be slaughtered for their ivory this year. More than 18 tons of illegal ivory, plus 949 elephant tusks and more than 3,000 pieces were reportedly seized in 2016, with at least 15 large seizures in excess of 500 kilograms. read more »

Majority Of Trafficking Victims Are Women And Girls; One-Third Children

22 Dec 2016 | World

The vast majority of all human trafficking victims – some 71 per cent – are women and girls and one third are children, according to a new report from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).read more »

Nearly 535 Million Children Living In Crisis-Hit Countries – UNICEF

12 Dec 2016 | World

As the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) marks the 70th anniversary of its work for the world's most vulnerable children, it issued a stark warning that nearly 535 million of them are living in harsh conditions, lacking access to decent health, education and protection more »

Security Council Strengthens Measures Against North Korea's Nuclear Activities

1 Dec 2016 | World

Strongly condemning the recent nuclear test conducted by North Korea (DPRK) on 9 September, the Security Council has unanimously adopted measures that United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon described as "the toughest and most comprehensive sanctions regime ever" against that more »

Rice Farming In India Much Older Than Thought

22 Nov 2016 | World

Latest research on archaeological sites of the ancient Indus Civilisation, which stretched across what is now Pakistan and northwest India during the Bronze Age, has revealed that domesticated rice farming in South Asia began far earlier than previously more »

Worrying Traces Of Resistant Bacteria In Air

21 Nov 2016 | World

Polluted city air has now been identified as a possible means of transmission for resistant more »

Zika No Longer An International Public Health Emergency, But Sustained Response Needed: WHO

21 Nov 2016 | World

Following a meeting of its Emergency Committee on Zika, the World Health Organization (WHO) said that the infectious disease and its associated consequences no longer present a public health emergency of international more »

Social Media Activism Is Driving Corporate Agendas

18 Nov 2016 | World

A new study shows the ways firms in tightly controlled countries are being pressured by cyber activists and how they should more »

Water Conflicts Between Asian Nuclear Powers "Pose Global Threat"

1 Nov 2016 | World

The current political rhetoric between India and Pakistan underlines the risk of failing to manage correctly and cooperatively vital water resources shared between more »

Protecting People And Planet From 'Invisible Killer' Is Focus Of Health Campaign

21 Oct 2016 | World

The World Health Organization has launched a global awareness campaign on the dangers of air pollution – especially ‘invisible killers’ such as black carbon, ground-level ozone and methane read more »

Jailing Teen Blogger In Singapore 'Sends Wrong Message' On Free Expression

5 Oct 2016 | World

After a Singaporean teenage blogger was sentenced to jail for his social media posts, a human rights expert warned that it is "exactly the wrong kind of message that any government should be sending to anybody, but especially to young people."read more »

Some 385 Million Children Live In Extreme Poverty, Study Reveals

5 Oct 2016 | World

Children are more than twice as likely as adults to live in extreme poverty, with nearly 385 million children worldwide experiencing that condition, according to a new analysis from the World Bank Group and UNICEF. read more »

Vast Majority Of World – 6.76 Billion People – Living With Excessive Air Pollution

28 Sep 2016 | World

With some 6.5 million people dying annually from air pollution and 92 per cent of the world’s population living in places where levels exceed recommended limits, the United Nations rolled out its most detailed profile of the scourge ever in a bid to slash the deadly more »

North Korea Says Hostile US Polices Have Made Korean Peninsula 'World's Most Dangerous Hotspot'

26 Sep 2016 | World

The North Korean Foreign Minister told the United Nations General Assembly that while the Organization aspires towards sustainable development, the world is besieged by terrorism and a refugee crisis due to war and increasing global more »

Lifting Ivory Ban Won't Solve Elephant Poaching Problem

22 Sep 2016 | World

The deaths of many thousands of elephants at the hands of poachers in recent years has led some to conclude that the ban on ivory established in 1989 should be lifted, allowing for tight regulation of the ivory trade. read more »

Japanese Prime Minister Calls For Resolute Action Against North Korea's Nuclear Threat

22 Sep 2016 | World

Addressing the United Nations General Assembly, Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, urged the UN Security Council to show an “unmistakable attitude” towards the threat to international peace and security posed by North Korea, which he said has launched 21 ballistic missiles and conducted two nuclear tests this year more »

Security Council Strongly Condemns North Korea Nuclear Test

12 Sep 2016 | World

The United Nations Security Council has strongly condemned North Korea's nuclear test on 9 September and said it is a clear violation of repeated calls on the country to halt such more »

Security Council Condemns Latest North Korea Missile Launches

7 Sep 2016 | World

The United Nations Security Council has condemned the ballistic missile launches conducted by North Korea (DPRK) on more »

UN Chief Hails China, US For Formally Joining Paris Climate Agreement

5 Sep 2016 | World

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has commended the leaders of China and the United States for formally joining the Paris Agreement on climate more »

Security Council Strongly Condemns North Korea Missile Launches

29 Aug 2016 | World

The United Nations Security Council has strongly condemned North Korea's (DPRK) launch of a ballistic missile from a submarine on 23 August, which follows a series of recent tests and more »

China Facing Epidemic Of Heart Disease, Stroke

16 Aug 2016 | World

A 20-year rise in cardiovascular disease (CVD) in China appears to have been spurred largely by increases in high blood pressure, according to a new study from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. read more »

Teenage Blogger Trial 'Deeply Worrying' Sign Of Singapore's Attempts To Curb Free Expression

16 Aug 2016 | World

Concerned over increased criminalization of expression, a human rights expert expressed serious concern about the upcoming trial of a 17-year old Singaporean for Facebook posts and blog comments that wounded the religious feelings of Muslims and more »

Long-Term Health Effects Of Japan Atomic Bombs "Not As Dire As Perceived"

12 Aug 2016 | World

The detonation of atomic bombs over the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945 resulted in horrific casualties and devastation. But public perception of the rates of cancer and birth defects among survivors and their children is in fact greatly exaggerated, say researchers. read more »

Climate Change Already Accelerating Sea Level Rise, Study Finds

11 Aug 2016 | World

Greenhouse gases are already having an accelerating effect on sea level rise, but the impact has so far been masked by the cataclysmic 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines, according to a new more »

Experts Urge China To Stop Ill-Treatment Of Imprisoned Hunger Striker

5 Aug 2016 | World

Expressing deep concern about the critical health condition of a prisoner on hunger strike for three months, a group of independent human rights experts have called on the Government of China to stop all forms of ill-treatment and urgently provide him with specialized medical care, based on his full and informed more »

UN 'Deeply Troubled' By Latest North Korea Missile Launch

4 Aug 2016 | World

The United Nations is "deeply troubled" by the recent missile launches of North Korea (DPRK), a UN spokesperson said after one of the rockets, reportedly landed in or near Japanese waters for the first more »