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Bee Decline Threatens US Crop Production

5:24 pm Eastern | SciTech

The first-ever study to map U.S. wild bees suggests they are disappearing in the country's most important farmlands -- from California's Central Valley to the Midwest's corn belt and the Mississippi River more »

Interventions Improve Medication Adherence, Decrease Risk of Hospitalizations

4:36 pm Eastern | SciTech

Story Contact: Sheena Rice,, 573-882-8353

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Rice Media Advisory: 'Want secure elections? Don’t cut security funding'

2:24 pm Eastern | SciTech

Rice University Office of Public Affairs / News & Media Relations

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'Alternative Facts' Not Just In Politics And Media

11:05 am Eastern | U.S. News

A Michigan State University scholar is warning those who read about the latest groundbreaking research to proceed with more »

Do You Really Get Paid Less If You're 'Ugly'?

17 Feb 17:12 | Business

Do beautiful people earn more while those who are not so gorgeous are paid less? It's not as simple as that, according to more »

Social Exclusion Leads To Conspiratorial Thinking, Study Finds

17 Feb 15:04 | SciTech

Recent polls have shown that many white, working-class people in America feel pushed out by society, a reason why many voted for President Donald Trump. Many of these supporters latched onto misinformation spread online, especially stories that justified their own more »

To Please Your Friends, Tell Them What They Already Know

16 Feb 17:09 | SciTech

We love to tell friends and family about experiences we've had and they haven't--from exotic vacations to celebrity sightings--but new research suggests that these stories don't thrill them quite as much as we imagine. read more »

Fitch Named Director of the MU School of Social Work

16 Feb 17:02 | SciTech

Story Contact: Sheena Rice,, 573-882-8353

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Team Teaches Science Through Minecraft Video Game

16 Feb 15:12 | SciTech

University of Texas at Dallas team is exploring whether teaching real-world science through a popular computer game may offer a more engaging and effective educational approach than traditional concepts of instruction. read more »

Ancient Jars Found In Judea Reveal Earth's Magnetic Field Is Fluctuating

16 Feb 11:16 | World

The weakening of the geomagnetic field, which extends from the planet's core into outer space and was first recorded 180 years ago, has raised concern by some for the welfare of the more »

Tis Better To Give - To Your Spouse

15 Feb 17:08 | SciTech

We've all heard that it's better to give than to receive. Now there's empirical evidence to show that being compassionate to a spouse is rewarding in and of itself. read more »

New Study Shows How 3-D Printing At Home Saves Big Bucks

15 Feb 15:05 | SciTech

Interested in making an investment that promises a 100 percent return on your money, and then some? Researchers say buy a low-cost, open-source 3-D printer, plug it in and print household more »

Rice News Release: Lesbian women less likely than heterosexuals to get annual pap smears

15 Feb 11:48 | SciTech

Rice University Office of Public Affairs / News & Media Relations

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Canadian Glaciers Now Major Contributor To Sea Level Change

15 Feb 11:41 | World

Ice loss from Canada's Arctic glaciers has transformed them into a major contributor to sea level change, new research by University of California, Irvine glaciologists has more »

Rice News Release: Good vibrations help reveal molecular details

15 Feb 11:07 | SciTech

If you would rather not receive future communications from RiceUniversity2, please go to more »

How Eating Less Can Slow The Aging Process

14 Feb 17:09 | SciTech

There's a multi-billion-dollar industry devoted to products that fight signs of aging, but moisturizers only go skin deep. Aging occurs deeper -- at a cellular level -- and scientists have found that eating less can slow this cellular more »

Study Helps Explain How Garbage Patches Form In The World's Oceans

14 Feb 16:09 | SciTech

A new study on how ocean currents transport floating marine debris is helping to explain how garbage patches form in the world's oceans. read more »

Impact Of Climate Change On Mammals And Birds 'Greatly Underestimated'

14 Feb 15:05 | SciTech

An international study has found large numbers of threatened species have already been impacted by climate more »

U. of I. News: Does Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch fit the Scalia mold?

14 Feb 10:13 | SciTech

Click here to see this online 2/14/17

Does Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch fit the Scalia mold?read more »

Litter Levels In The Depths Of The Arctic Are On The Rise

13 Feb 17:14 | SciTech

The Arctic has a serious litter problem: in just ten years, the concentration of marine litter at a deep-sea station in the Arctic Ocean has risen 20-fold. read more »

Rice Media Advisory: Campbell Lecture Series to feature prominent LGBT historian George Chauncey

13 Feb 15:28 | SciTech

Rice’s Campbell Lecture Series April 3-5 to feature prominent LGBT historian, author George Chauncey

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U. of I. News: Wilkin named interim vice chancellor for academic affairs and provost designate

13 Feb 11:04 | SciTech

Click here to see this online 2/13/17

Wilkin named interim vice chancellor for academic affairs and provost designateread more »

We Like Taking Selfies But Not Looking At Them

10 Feb 17:11 | Entertainment

While selfies are extremely common, opinions on selfies can vary significantly, with some seeing them as a creative outlet and a way to connect with other people and others seeing them as narcissistic, self-promotional and more »

Study Finds Naps May Help Preschoolers Learn

10 Feb 16:03 | SciTech

Research has shown that naps play an important role in sustaining new learning in infants. A new study from the University of Arizona suggests naptime could have a similar effect on language learning in preschool-age more »

Older Adults Embracing 'Living Apart Together'

10 Feb 15:06 | SciTech

A new phenomenon called 'Living Apart Together' (LAT) -an intimate relationship without a shared residence - is gaining popularity as an alternative form of more »

News Release: Steps must be taken to ensure accountability, transparency in Mexico’s energy reform

10 Feb 11:32 | SciTech

Paper: Steps must be taken to ensure accountability, transparency and responsibility in Mexico’s energy reform

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Scientists Argue Current Climate Change Models Understate The Problem

10 Feb 11:00 | World

A new study on the relationship between people and the planet shows that climate change is only one of many inter-related threats to the Earth's capacity to support human more »

Want To Help Your Mate Beat The Blues? Show Them The Love

9 Feb 17:23 | SciTech

The more depressed your romantic partner may be, the more love you should give them, according to new University of Alberta more »

U. of I. News: Dual-function nanorod LEDs could make multifunctional displays

9 Feb 14:19 | SciTech

Click here to see this online 2/9/17

Dual-function nanorod LEDs could make multifunctional displaysread more »

Why We Underestimate Time When We're Having Fun On Facebook

9 Feb 2017 | Entertainment

Updating your Facebook status can be a fun way to while away the hours - but now it seems it really is making us lose track of time as we do more »

More Screen Time For Kids Isn't All That Bad

8 Feb 2017 | Entertainment

A researcher says children should be allowed to delve into screen technology, as it is becoming an essential part of modern more »

Toxic Metals Found In e-Cigarette Liquids

8 Feb 2017 | SciTech

A study led by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found high levels of toxic metals in the liquid that creates the aerosol that e-cigarette users inhale when they more »

Study Outlines Steps That Growing Startups Must Follow To Succeed

8 Feb 2017 | U.S. News

Many entrepreneurs dream of leading a successful company. But launching a startup is only the first more »

U. of I. News: New brush polymers catalyze their own formation

8 Feb 2017 | SciTech

Click here to see this online 2/8/17

New brush polymers catalyze their own formationread more »

New Study Identifies “Disconnect” between Media and Public

8 Feb 2017 | SciTech

MU study finds journalists often have a more “elitist” view of democracy than many Americansread more »

Sitting Not Linked To Incident Diabetes: New Research

7 Feb 2017 | SciTech

Sitting may not be as deadly as previously thought, with new research led by the University of Sydney ruling out sitting as a direct cause of more »

E-cigarettes Safer Than Smoking Says Long-Term Study

7 Feb 2017 | SciTech

E-cigarettes are less toxic and safer to use compared to conventional cigarettes, according to research published in Annals of Internal more »

Global Vaccine Injury System Needed to Improve Public Health

7 Feb 2017 | U.S. News

System would improve global vaccine participation, MU expert argues in JAMAread more »

Personality Traits 'Contagious' Among Children

6 Feb 2017 | SciTech

When preschoolers spend time around one another, they tend to take on each others' personalities, indicates a new study by Michigan State University psychology more »

U. of I. News: Cultural, linguistic gaps may deter Latinos from joining health programs

6 Feb 2017 | SciTech

Click here to see this online 1/6/17

Cultural, linguistic gaps may deter Latinos from joining health programsread more »

Political Affiliation Can Predict How People Will React To False Information

3 Feb 2017 | US Politics and Govt

How liberal or conservative a person is predicts how likely they are to believe information about potential hazards, a new UCLA-led study has more »

Peroxide Ingestion, Promoted By Alternative Medicine, Can Be Deadly

3 Feb 2017 | SciTech

High-concentration peroxide, sometimes promoted in alternative medicine circles for cleanses or as a so-called "natural cure," can lead to numerous life-threatening ailments and death itself, according to a new more »

Food And Beverage Industry 'Marketing Kids To Death'

2 Feb 2017 | World

Heart & Stroke wants Canadians to know as far as nutrition is concerned, the kids are not alright; our children and youth are bombarded with ads for unhealthy products all day, every day, influencing their food and beverage choices. It says this is having a devastating effect on their health and setting up conflict at more »

Fast Food Packaging Contains Potentially Harmful Chemicals That Can Leach Into Food

2 Feb 2017 | SciTech

The greaseproof packaging holding your burger and fries may contain potentially harmful fluorinated chemicals that can leach into food, according to a new peer-reviewed more »

Why Is Some Social Media Content Interpreted As Bragging?

1 Feb 2017 | SciTech

People who post personal content on social networking sites such as Facebook and try to present themselves in a positive light may be perceived as bragging, and therefore be less attractive to others, according to a new study published in Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social more »

MIT Study: Online Retail Prices Often Match Those In Stores

1 Feb 2017 | Business

When you buy products online, do you imagine you could get better prices in a store? Conversely, does in-store shopping lead you to wonder whether you are missing better prices online? Fear more »

‘Values Gap’ in Workplace Can Lead Millennials to Look Elsewhere

1 Feb 2017 | SciTech

Lack of Corporate Responsibility Often a Deal-Breaker for Young Workers, MU Study Findsread more »

Physically Active Children Are Less Depressed

1 Feb 2017 | SciTech

Previous studies have shown that adults and young people who are physically active have a lower risk of developing depression. But the same effect has not been studied in children - until more »

Increased Food Assistance Benefits Could Result in Fewer ER Visits

1 Feb 2017 | SciTech

Increases in SNAP benefits might help families manage household budgets to avoid nutritional fluctuations resulting in fewer ER visits for hypoglycemiaread more »

We Dislike Hypocrites Because They Deceive Us

31 Jan 2017 | SciTech

We're averse to hypocrites because their disavowal of bad behavior sends a false signal, misleading us into thinking they're virtuous when they're not, according to new findings read more »