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Do You Really Get Paid Less If You're 'Ugly'?

17 Feb 17:12 | Business

Do beautiful people earn more while those who are not so gorgeous are paid less? It's not as simple as that, according to more »

Teleworking May Seem Easier, But It Could Disrupt Your Work-Life Balance

16 Feb 09:06 | World

Using smartphones, laptops and other technology to work from home can be a blessing – it does away with rush hour traffic, for example – but it also diminishes personal space and contact with colleagues, according to a new more »

California Wine Exports Reach Record $1.62 Billion In 2016

15 Feb 13:08 | U.S. News

U.S. wine exports, 90% from California, reached $1.62 billion in winery revenues in 2016, a new record. Despite challenges from a strong dollar, winery revenues were up 1% from 2015. Volume was 412.7 million liters or 45.9 million more »

When Home Buying, Selling And Renovating, It's An Animal House, Say Realtors

14 Feb 10:02 | U.S. News

When making decisions about buying, selling or renovating their homes, Americans, by and large, take their pets' needs into account, according to a new report from the National Association of Realtors. read more »

Surrounding Real Estate Shows Increase In Value If Near Transit Station

13 Feb 15:09 | U.S. News

A national meta-analysis led by a UTA researcher shows that single-family property increases only about 2.3 percent when located next to a transit more »

SEC Charges Chinese Citizens Who Reaped Massive Profits From Insider Trading on Comcast-Dreamworks Acquisition

10 Feb 14:25 | Business

The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced that it obtained an emergency court order freezing brokerage accounts holding more than $29 million in illegal profits from insider trading in advance of the April 2016 acquisition of DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc. by Comcast Corp. The SEC alleges that in the weeks leading up to the news of the acquisition, Shaohua (Michael) Yin amassed more than $56 million of DreamWorks stock in the U.S. brokerage accounts of five Chinese nationals, including his elderly parents.  DreamWorks stock price rose 47.3% once the acquisition was announced.   In a complaint filed in U.S. District Court in the Southern District of New York, the SEC alleged the five accounts reaped $29 million from the DreamWorks trades.  The complaint also alleges the accounts profited from other suspicious trading in another U.S.-based company and three China-based companies ahead of market-moving news. Yin, a partner at Summitview Capital Manaread more »

Mortgage Rates Pull Back On Political Uncertainty

10 Feb 13:04 | Business

Mortgage rates shifted into reverse this week, with the benchmark 30-year fixed mortgage rate sliding to 4.27 percent, according to's weekly national survey. read more »

Election Outcome Boosts Confidence In Business Climate

9 Feb 11:15 | U.S. News

Nearly 80 percent of the respondents to the seventh annual McDonald Hopkins Business Outlook Survey believe U.S. business conditions will improve this year, compared to 44 percent in more »

China Remains Top Trading Partner For U.S.

8 Feb 2017 | Business

The U.S. Census Bureau has issued full year 2016 U.S. international trade in goods and services data and the top five countries based on trade in goods were China, Canada, Mexico, Japan and Germany. read more »

Mortgage Rates Slightly Changed As Fed Holds Steady

3 Feb 2017 | Business

Mortgage rates were only slightly changed this week, with the benchmark 30-year fixed mortgage rate inching higher to 4.33 percent, according to's weekly national survey. read more »

MIT Study: Online Retail Prices Often Match Those In Stores

1 Feb 2017 | Business

When you buy products online, do you imagine you could get better prices in a store? Conversely, does in-store shopping lead you to wonder whether you are missing better prices online? Fear more »

Mortgage Rates Return To Highest Level In More Than 2 Years

27 Jan 2017 | Business

Mortgage rates reversed course this week, unwinding the decreases seen over the previous three weeks and returning to the levels seen in late December that are the highest since September 2014. read more »

Don't Smile Too Big To Be Effective In Online Marketing Ads, Study Finds

25 Jan 2017 | SciTech

If you're seeking investments through online marketing or crowd-funding websites, be sure to smile in your profile photo or your post. But maybe not too more »

When 'Golden Opportunity' To Bribe Arises, It's Hard To Pass Up

25 Jan 2017 | Business

The path to corrupt behavior may sometimes be a steep cliff instead of a slippery slope, according to new findings. read more »

Morgan Stanley, Citigroup Charged With Misleading Investors

25 Jan 2017 | Business

The Securities and Exchange Commission says Morgan Stanley Smith Barney and Citigroup Global Markets have agreed to pay more than $2.96 million apiece to settle charges that they made false and misleading statements about a foreign exchange trading program they sold to more »

Existing-Home Sales Slide In December But 2016 Sales Best Since 2006

25 Jan 2017 | U.S. News

Existing-home sales closed out 2016 as the best year in a decade, even as sales declined in December as the result of ongoing affordability tensions and historically low supply levels, according to the National Association of more »

2017 Outlook: Will Trump Policy Changes Extend The Expansion?

23 Jan 2017 | U.S. News

Despite a strong year-end performance by the stock market and a post-election jump in confidence among consumers and businesses, limited information on the new Administration's potential economic policies led to a conservative 2017 growth projection of 2.0 percent, according to Fannie more »

Most Expensive Home In The U.S. Lists For $250 Million

23 Jan 2017 | U.S. News

Major luxury developer Bruce Makowsky, known for curating, designing and bringing to life some of the most stunning homes in the country, has unveiled his greatest masterpiece, a brand new $250 million spec home located at 924 Bel Air Road in Los Angeles. read more »

Extreme Space Weather-Induced Blackouts Could Cost US More Than $40 Billion Daily

19 Jan 2017 | SciTech

The daily U.S. economic cost from solar storm-induced electricity blackouts could be in the tens of billions of dollars, with more than half the loss from indirect costs outside the blackout zone, according to a new more »

Holiday Sales Up 4.0 Percent Says Census Bureau

19 Jan 2017 | U.S. News

Holiday spending for total retail and food services sales for November and December 2016 was $935.3 billion — up 4.0 percent from the same two months in 2015 read more »

U.S. Home Sales Finish Strong In 2016

18 Jan 2017 | Business

Capped off by a strong December, 2016 was the best year for U.S. home sales since the recession, according to the January 2017 RE/MAX National Housing Report. read more »

Modest Economic Growth Not An Indication Of Revived Global Demand – Report

18 Jan 2017 | World

A modest global recovery is projected for 2017-18 should be seen as more of an indication of economic stabilization than a signal of a robust and sustained revival of global demand, a new economic report has more »

Study Reveals Where Americans Will Likely Struggle To Make Ends Meet

17 Jan 2017 | U.S. News

Hawaii is the state where Americans are most likely to live paycheck to paycheck, whereas residents of Mississippi are least likely, according to the latest GOBankingRates more »

Nearly 60% Of Americans Can't Afford Common Unexpected Expenses

13 Jan 2017 | Business

Almost six in 10 Americans don't have enough savings to pay for a $500 car repair or a $1,000 emergency room bill, according to a new more »

Dramatic Uptick In Percent Of Employers Providing Paid Holiday On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

12 Jan 2017 | Business

This year, over two in five American employers (43 percent) will provide a paid day off for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, a notable increase from the previous all-time high of 37 percent recorded in each of the past two years. read more »

World Bank Sees 'Moderate' Pick Up For Global Economy In 2017 Despite Weak Investment

12 Jan 2017 | World

Global economic growth is forecast to accelerate moderately to 2.7 per cent in 2017 after a post-crisis low last year, the World Bank more »

OPEC Output Slumps In December

11 Jan 2017 | World

Oil production from the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) slumped 280,000 barrels per day (b/d) in December, due to hefty falls in Nigeria and Saudi Arabia, a month before the group's pledge to rein in more »

Personality Differences Affect How We Use Email And What We Find Stressful

9 Jan 2017 | SciTech

A new study shows that while many of us cannot do our job without email, it can stress us out - and that personality differences affect how we use email and what we find more »

New Personality Model Sets Up How We See Ourselves

9 Jan 2017 | World

A new model for identifying personality traits may help organizations save money by improving the hiring process and with evaluating employee more »

Toxic Bosses Are Bad For Your Health And Bad For Your Reputation

6 Jan 2017 | Business

People who work for bosses who display psychopathic and narcissistic traits not only feel more depressed due to their bosses bullying behaviour they are also more likely to engage in undesirable behaviours at more »

Mortgage Rates Slide To Start 2017

6 Jan 2017 | Business

Mortgage rates started off 2017 much differently than they finished up 2016 as mortgage rates pulled back, breaking a streak of nine consecutive weekly increases. read more »

Mortgage Rates Hit 27-Month High

23 Dec 2016 | Business

Mortgage rates climbed for the eighth consecutive week, with the benchmark 30-year fixed mortgage rate zooming to the highest level since September 2014 at 4.31 percent, according to's weekly national survey. read more »

Existing-Home Sales Forge Ahead In November

22 Dec 2016 | Business

A big surge in the Northeast and a smaller gain in the South pushed existing-home sales up in November for the third consecutive month, according to the National Association of more »

FBI Warns Of Dramatic Increase In Business E-Mail Compromise Scams

21 Dec 2016 | Business

The FBI Boston Division is warning of a dramatic rise in business e-mail compromise scams or BECs, which target businesses of all sizes and types and have resulted in massive financial losses in Boston and other cities. read more »

November Home Sales Defy Seasonal Trend

19 Dec 2016 | Business

Despite the typical winter slowdown, November home sales finished 19.1% above a year ago and prices increased 1.4% over October. All but one of the 53 markets in the RE/MAX National Housing Report posted an increased number of sales over November more »

Connecting Students at Home

16 Dec 2016 | US Politics and Govt

Ed. note: This was originally posted by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Washington, D.C. | Students build personal computers to take home at the Best Buy Teen Tech Center at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington. Today, as part of HUD’s ConnectHome initiative to bring high-speed internet to low-income households with school-aged children in HUD-assisted housing, T-Mobile, the City of New York, and the New read more »

More Than One In 10 Homeowners Underwater As Housing Market Nears Full Recovery

16 Dec 2016 | U.S. News

Even as home values approach the highest levels reached during the housing bubble, 11 percent of homeowners with a mortgage are underwater, according to the third quarter Zillow Negative Equity Report. read more »

Slowing Global Wage Growth For Fourth Straight Year 'Greatly Concerning'

16 Dec 2016 | World

Pulled down by declining wage growth in developing countries and regions, earnings around the world dropped to their lowest level since 2012, a new report has more »

Mortgage Rates Continue To Climb

16 Dec 2016 | Business

Mortgage rates inched higher, rising for a seventh consecutive week, with the benchmark 30-year fixed mortgage rate rising to 4.18 percent, according to's weekly national survey. read more »

Catholics More Committed To Workplace Than Evangelicals Are, Study Finds

14 Dec 2016 | Business

Catholics are more emotionally committed to their workplaces than are Evangelicals -- and people with strong attachments to God, regardless of their faith group, are more committed to their jobs when they work for smaller companies, according to a Baylor University more »

Securities Traders Charged In Scheme That Netted $26 Million In Illicit Profits

14 Dec 2016 | Business

Two New Jersey-based securities traders have been arrested and charged with orchestrating a massive, long-running market manipulation scheme that netted them more than $26 million in illegal profits between 2014 and more »

Mortgage Rates Continue To March Higher

9 Dec 2016 | Business

Mortgage rates nudged higher, rising for a sixth consecutive week, with the benchmark 30-year fixed mortgage rate rising to 4.15 percent, according to's weekly national survey. read more »

Do Thoughts Of Death Change Our Shopping Habits?

8 Dec 2016 | Business

Researchers say reports of plane crashes, terrorist attacks, fatal car accidents and deadly fires may lead shoppers to think more about their own mortality than buying that new holiday sweater for Uncle more »

Over 30% Of Millennials Unhappy With Their Job

8 Dec 2016 | U.S. News

Millennials are more likely than GenXers or Boomers to quit their job in the next six months, and nearly one-third of them say that is exactly what they plan to do. read more »

US Home Prices Up 6.7 Percent In October

7 Dec 2016 | Business

CoreLogic's Home Price Index and HPI Forecast for October 2016 shows home prices are up both year over year and month over more »

FTC Puts An End To Data Broker Scam THat Took More Than $7 Million From Consumers

6 Dec 2016 | Business

The Federal Trade Commission has closed the book on a data broker operation that the agency alleges got personal information from people who thought they were applying for payday loans online, and sold it to a scam that tapped consumers’ bank accounts and credit cards without their more »

How It Takes Just 6 Seconds To Hack A Credit Card

5 Dec 2016 | SciTech

Working out the card number, expiry date and security code of any Visa credit or debit card can take as little as six seconds and uses nothing more than guesswork, new research has more »

Corporate Board 'Interlocks' Lead To Managerial Entrenchment

5 Dec 2016 | Business

It turns out the old saying that "It's not what you know, but who you know" still holds a measure of truth in corporate more »

FACT SHEET: A Year of Action Supporting Computer Science for All

5 Dec 2016 | US Politics and Govt

“…we have to make sure all our kids are equipped for the jobs of the future – which means not just being able to work with computers, but developing the analytical and coding skills to power our innovation economy.” President Obama, Weekly Address, January 30, 2016. There are half a million open technology jobs in the United States today, and that number is projected to more than double within the next 4 years. These jobs pay 50 percent more than the average private-sector job. One recent analysis of 26 million job postings found that nearly half of all the jobs in the top quartile in pay require some computer-science (CS) knowledge or coding skills. And yet, CS remains largely missing from American K-12 education. By the most recent estimates, just 40 percent of K-12 schools report offering even a single computer-science course, and only 32 states currently allow students to count computer science tread more »

Those Funny Ads May Make You Laugh, But Maybe Not Buy

2 Dec 2016 | Entertainment

Advertisers often use humor to grab customers' attention, but they should do so with caution, according to a recently published study. read more »